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5 Nigerian Songs Inspired by Football Events


5 Nigerian Songs Inspired by Football Events

Sports are an integral part of the culture of any country. We find various inter-cultural connections that involve sports- from movies to songs. They not only give you the spirit of that particular game, or team it was written for, but when later on you listen to them- they surely give you the memories of excitement! Check at www.midevibez.com for more such amazing information on music and look out for Bet9ja Bonus to know more about amazing casinos with outstanding bonuses where you can gamble!

Loko Iya Won (Owole) by Lagbaja

In 1996, in the Atlanta Olympics, the under-23 Nigerian football team won. This was a win which made them “the dream team”. Consequently, Lagbaja released a song which not only instantly hit off the bards but still brings back memories of that glorious win whenever heard. The song documents the entire process of the team’s win at every stage till it reached the finals. He baits on the unpopularity of NIgerian football, and uses the punchline- ‘Ask Argentina, ask Brazilia, when it comes to soccer, Nigeria loko iya won’.


Gyrate by Tony One Week

Tony Muanogor, popularly known as Tony One Week was an actor, comedian, politician and musician. He too released this groovy tune to celebrate the wins of “the dream team”. So, this also came out after the gold win at the 1996 Atlanta Olympics in football. The song has stayed evergreen, mostly because it calls for all Nigerians irrespective of their classes to celebrate such sporting achievements which would push the country forward.


Super Eagles Carry Go (Walele) by Austino Milado

This song became almost a national anthem for sports in the early 2000s when Austino Milado released it. The song took the listeners down on a journey of the Super Eagles with their various victories at different competitions. It included certain cameos of actors who participated at each importance, signifying their power. It has remained a favorite of the supporter’s club during every important competition.


All We Are Saying (Give Us One Goal) by Nigerian Supporters club

Most of us might have heard this song played whenever there has been any game of the Super Eagles or the national teams across different stadiums of the countries. It was an adaptation of “Plastic Ono Band” by John Lennon. Lennon wrote this in 1969 after he separated from the Beatles and the song became an anti-war anthem in the US.

Power of Naija by 2baba and Omawunmi

The top Nigerian beverage company Guiness song featured the superstars 2baba and Omawunmi to celebrate the “power of Naija” when the national team qualified for the 2010 south Africa world cup.

So, sports most definitely needs the excitement and the active engagement. If you are a sports fan, you will never just watch a movie for the sake of watching it. To become a part of the hustle, you should definitely put wagers on the winnings of your favorite team or player, and sing the songs of victory when they win!


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