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A Simple Guide To A Perfect Wedding


A Simple Guide To A Perfect Wedding

Got engaged but no idea what to do next? Relax and enjoy or savor the time you are engaged first. Once you’re ready, you may now start to dive into the wedding planning part. 

Planning for a wedding can be too overwhelming sometimes. Most people who know you are engaged will also keep on bugging you about your plus size camo wedding dresses, when is the wedding, what is your theme for the wedding, where will your reception be, and a lot more. 

Don’t worry, it may be overwhelming at first but we got you covered. We will give you ideas on how to plan your wedding smoothly. 

The Budget

Of course, you want to make your wedding the most memorable, but you also don’t want to spend all your money or loan more money just to achieve that dream wedding. Be practical and wise. Search online for shops that offer fast delivery and an affordable range of options. You can also check out some of the best suppliers such as Dhgate, Amazon, etc.

We’re not saying you should be thrifty for your wedding, but we suggest you determine your budget first and get the most out of it. You can choose or arrange your priorities and allocate funds for each. You may use a spreadsheet to keep tabs on your ideas and ongoing expenditures. You’ll definitely thank yourself later for doing so.

Make A Checklist

In order to be very organized and avoid missing things, list all the things you need to be arranged or to be done for your most important day. 


Creating a master checklist will help you visualize and prioritize goals without being overwhelmed with everything all at once. Get a nice planning notebook so you will also enjoy the process. 

Selecting A Theme

Browse for inspiration on Pinterest and other wedding inspiration ideas. You will certainly be clear of the style of wedding which is right for you.


Whether you choose a few colors or an actual wedding theme like a vintage or boho theme, it’s important to pick something to base your wedding around.

A Simple Guide To A Perfect Wedding


Making decisions regarding your supplier will be much more effortless once you know what you’re looking for, and it will be much simpler to ensure everything fits. Our only small piece of advice? Once you’ve chosen a theme, stick to it, and try to dodge anything which doesn’t match.

Your Wedding Dress

Finding your dream gown can be stressful. After all, you’ve likely never tried one on before, and it’s the most expensive garment many women will ever own, so it can feel like the pressure is definitely on while wedding dress shopping.


You may know specifically what you want or you might not, which is fine, too. If not, do some research to find out what you really want. Be open to suggestions and new choices. Then get ready for the bridal sizing. Make sure you shop true to your size so you will be comfortable. Also, make sure you shop early, but not too early in order to be ready for possibilities.


Know your budget and make sure you have chosen a theme before choosing a dress. Lastly, choose your wedding dress shopping crew wisely. They will help you along the way and solicit valuable and helpful opinions on your choices.

Make Sure You Make It Legal

This is not one of those anticipating wedding planning events, however, this is a very important one all the same. While dreaming about color schemes and wedding playlists, you also need to make time to process your marriage license.


This could not be one of the first things you even need to do, but it should be in your mind from the beginning.


Do the research on what you need and begin to collect the necessary marriage documents early on in your wedding planning process.


If you’re planning on getting married outside the country where you are, the paperwork required is possibly going to vary and be slightly more complex. Just take note, marriage licenses are normally only valid for a couple of months so you’ll need to plan very well.

The Guess List

Making judgments about the guest list can be a complex and difficult process and one that will rely greatly on your reception area and budget. It is best to sit down with your partner and primary family members to put together a list of wedding guests. You’ll possibly need to make some cuts. And you will also need to choose whether you’re inviting children and who will be given a plus one.


Take note that including more guests in your wedding plans means higher prices, as catering costs are generally calculated on a per-head basis. So, in addition to location, your budget will have a big impact on the number of your guests.

Lastly, Just Be In The Moment!

I know all these and other things that you need to do for your special day are too much. So, just be present at the moment and feel the love—you’re getting married! Don’t fret about the mistakes and if some things aren’t what you want them to be. Because you surely don’t want your guests to see a stressed-out couple who’s dominated with last-minute details. When your big day comes, try to relax, savor the moment, and enjoy all of the special moments with your loved ones.



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