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Advantages of getting a record label as an upcoming artist


Advantages of getting a record label as an upcoming artist

I’m very sure you know that several advantages and benefits come with record label deals for upcoming artists in a very competitive music industry like Nigeria music industry.

Your major goal as an upcoming artist in Nigeria is to look for a record label that will sign you because it is very difficult to succeed without a record label deal especially if you don’t have enough money to promote your music.

Are you an upcoming artist that is looking forward to getting signed by any of the popular and successful record labels in Nigeria? If yes, then you need to read this informative article to the end because I’m going to explain the major advantages that you will get as an upcoming artist immediately when you get signed by a record label and how to get the record label’s attention.

Advantages of getting a record label as an upcoming artist

Fast or quick publicity to the entertainment industry

Even though you have been on social media for years and you have been posting your music content online but immediately you get signed by a popular and successful record label the news will break the internet and your social media followers will increase drastically.

Aside from that, you will begin to get your usual traffic on your YouTube channel (in case you have one) Likewise, you start to get traffic on your music streaming platforms like Latest Naija music, Spotify, and others music streaming platforms.

Immediately your status changes from being an upcoming artist to a newly signed artist.

Regular music promotion

A record label is a registered and established entertainment company, whose major goal is to discover and promote upcoming artists.

So they have millions of naira to invest in any available artist, an average Nigerian artist does not have enough money to produce their music talk less of promotion which is why most of them are unknown even with their unique talent.

As an upcoming artist, you need a record label that will finance your music career especially when it comes to music promotion because it is very important. Even established and world-class artists still invest so much in music promotion talkless of you, mere upcoming artist!

International recognition

Most of the successful and popular music record labels in Nigeria at the moment are very popular globally. So immediately you have the opportunity to get signed into any of these record labels you will start to gain international recognition which will boost your music fan base.

Running your music career on an existing music strategy that is working

One of the major benefits of getting a record label deal as an upcoming artist is that you will have the opportunity to work with professionals that have been in the entertainment industry for long periods.

You need to know that there are several strategies for producing and promoting music in all countries of the world.

Effective music production and promotion strategy is one of the reasons why some upcoming artists have not succeeded in the music industry even after spending a lot of money on music promotion.

Most of these professionals have years of experience, so they will use their experience in the music industry to produce and promote your music.

Their music promotion and production strategy is very effective because they have been in the industry for a long time.

Now you know the major advantages and benefits that come with it if you have the opportunity to get signed into any successful or popular record label in Nigeria as an upcoming artist.

Your next line of action is to get the attention of record label CEOs or social media influencers that will repost your music video or other content so that it can reach music label executives that will sign you.

How to get record label deals in Nigeria as of 2023

Post your music content on social media regularly

Social media is one of the major tools that can help you to become a successful artist in today’s world regardless of where you are.

Post your music content every day especially on Instagram and TikTok because millions of Nigerians use these popular social media applications.

Sponsor your music content on social media, especially on tik-tok, Facebook, and Instagram. If it is possible you can hire a professional social media marketer to do it perfectly well for you.

Invest in your music career

Record label CEOs or executives will never sign a lazy artist into their entertainment company, so you need to keep writing and releasing music and it is not free to do this. You need to pay your music producer and music video directors.

Your content will allow you to get more publicity that will allow you to get signed into any record label in Nigeria at the moment.

Attend music concert

Try as much as you can to attend music concerts both near and far because you have the opportunity to meet successful artists and record label CEOs. In case you have the opportunity to perform live in a music concert, then you will surely get the attention of a lot of people including successful artists and record label CEOs that will sign you.

Follow popular music executives and social media influencers on all social media

If you want to get a record label in Nigeria currently, you need to be very active on social media and try as much as you can to follow popular music executives, CEOs, and social media influencers so that you will be able to get their attention very easily.

Invest in music promotion

There are several music bloggers and social media influencers that charge upcoming artists to promote their music content.

Do proper research so that you will be able to know the best social media influencer or music blogger that will help you to promote your music content properly so that you will be able to get more publicity till you get a record label deal.

In Conclusion

Now you know the advantages and benefits that come with a record label deal for you as an upcoming artist. Although, the process is not simple because there are millions of upcoming artists like you in Nigeria even more talented than you without a record label.

Most of them are looking for the same thing you are looking for, so you should be ready to pay the price.


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