Home Entertainment Amos Lee Announces New Album ‘Dreamland’ & Shares Single

Amos Lee Announces New Album ‘Dreamland’ & Shares Single


Amos Lee Announces New Album ‘Dreamland’ & Shares Single

Amos Lee announced a new album, Dreamland, due out via Dualtone Records on February 11, 2022. The acclaimed singer-songwriter also shared the single, “Shoulda Known Better.”

“Shoulda Known Better” follows previously released Dreamland single, “Worry No More,” which arrived in August. Dreamland is the follow up to Lee’s 2018 album, My New Moon.

Press materials for the new LP noted that “throughout Dreamland’s 11 tracks, each produced by Christian “Leggy” Langdon (Banks, Meg Myers), Lee takes perhaps his most profound turn inward to chronicle his own struggles with anxiety and isolation and despair – opening up in an effort to help destigmatize mental health challenges; and especially in our current moment.”

Lee himself spoke about meeting the challenges of mental health by having a solid support group as well as connecting with others through music.

“I’ve had a lot of episodes with anxiety in my life and now I feel much more equipped to handle them, partly because my family and friends have always been so supportive of me…thinking about healing in terms of our personal relationship to the people and the world around us,” Amos said. “Over the course of my life I’ve come to understand that music is my bridge to other people. I have no idea what the waters are like below that bridge—it might be lava for all I know—but music allows me to float over the whole thing and connect.”

The announcement also described the new Dreamland single “Shoulda Known Better” as “a radiant and euphoric new track which grapples with forgiving yourself when filled with remorse and moving past those moments of ‘lying awake in the dark’ with regret.”

Hear “Shoulda Known Better” in the lyric video below:

Dreamland Tracklist

  1. Dreamland
  2. Worry No More
  3. How You Run
  4. Into The Clearing
  5. Hold You
  6. See The Light
  7. It’s Real
  8. Seeing Ghosts
  9. Shoulda Known Better
  10. Clean
  11. Invisible Oceans


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