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BBNaija All Stars: Neo and Venita Akpofure Hug and Make Up Amid Hot Tears (Video)


Neo Akpofure and Venita Akpofure, who are cousins and participants in BBNaija Season 8 All-Star Edition, have finally resolved their longstanding conflict within the Big Brother house.

In a recently uploaded video, both housemates are observed engaging in an emotional exchange after sitting down to address their issues.

Tearfully, Neo and Venita shared a heartfelt hug, while also engaging in a calm conversation.

These actions come after a prolonged period of tension between the two housemates

Despite being cousins, Venita Akpofure and Neo had engaged in multiple heated exchanges in the house over matters that remain somewhat unclear to both their fellow housemates and the viewers.

Nevertheless, they have now managed to set aside their differences and embrace one another.

This touching moment has captured the attention of numerous individuals, who have flooded the comments section with their thoughts and opinions.

See some reactions below:

iam_princessxx: “Neo will be so glad, he was actually genuinely bothered by the whole situation.”

cy.brown1: “Awww you both almost made me cry see my Venita oynibo finest girl beauty and brain.”

maureensylvatv: “Venita is tough! The whole thing was painful to watch. She kept giving a thousand and one reason why she shouldn’t let go.”

heph_zib: “Well, it’s good they make up but it wasn’t emotional. Family first.”

jayempire_10: “Akuko give her till tomorrow or nextweek when she will start fighting neo again because of prck. best nollywood actress. Neo self try.”

toolargemoney: “They talked at length, venita cried but still d matta never settle. Sabiradio didn’t post d real shit.”



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