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Dashboard Confessional New Song Here’s To Moving On


Dashboard Confessional New Song Here's To Moving On

Dashboard Confessional’s latest single “Here’s to Moving On” is an exercise in deep, personal honesty. Yet despite the track — and in fact, much of the album it comes from, the forthcoming All the Truth That I Can Tell — being penned months before Chris Carrabba’s near-fatal 2020 motorcycle accident, its meaning shifted in the wake of that frightening trauma.

“I spent a little bit of time with my new record recently and it now sounds to me like I wrote all of it about the accident,” Carrabba tells Consequence. “It’s become THAT to me now. It wasn’t that, since I wrote it about six months before the accident, but it’s definitely become that to me now. I don’t know that I wasn’t trying to get through something myself when I wrote the record, but it wasn’t something as coalesced as this. It wasn’t a defining moment like this.”

Fittingly, the music video for “Here’s to Moving On” is entirely about Carrabba’s recovery. The clip finds him waking up ahead of a show day, stretching out his still-sore shoulder. He finds himself in his garage, looking at letters from friends and fans he received while he was in the hospital. Then he turns and discovers the patient belongings bag where his torn and cut motorcycle gear had been sitting sitting since the day of the accident. As Carrabba reveals in his deeply personal Origins of the video, the unplanned moment you see him opening that bag is indeed the first time he’d laid eyes on those items since they saved his life.

Check out the video for “Here’s to Moving On” below, followed by Carrabba’s full Origins of the single and video.

All the Truth That I Can Tell is out February 25th via Hidden Note Records/AWAL, and you can pre-order it now.


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