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Funniest Moments of the English Premier League


Not all the best football stories are about heroic wins. Comic and absurd moments are almost as frequent as inspired goals. While stadiums are empty, let’s remember some of the most picturesque moments of our favourite league in recent history. Our list has it all from players’ red-carding referees, cannibal attacks, and soufflé metaphors.

Stand-Up Comedy

Football matches are unpredictable, and if it’s possible to risk some odds, no one can guess the oddities an ordinary match can bring. However, it would be funny to see a sportsbook casting predictions on which players will get bitten by an opponent, which player or manager had the sourest of faces or which player the referee will poke in the eye. Yet, if you’re looking for more predictable odds, on the game rather than any clowning, you can always place a bet at 10bet.

Check below some moments you definitely couldn’t bet on EPL at 10bet.

Aguero Baffles Them All – 2012

Aguero’s participation was decisive for the Sky Blues in the Manchester Derby that defined 2012’s league title. The tough match was 1-1 when Aguero scored the goal that buried the Devils, at precisely 93:20 minutes. Meanwhile, Alex Ferguson’s incredulous face was broadcast to a massive audience.

Suarez Goes Full Mike Tyson – 2013

While playing for Liverpool, Suarez carved his teeth on Branislav Ivanovich, playing for Chelsea. At the moment, the Blues were leading the score, and the Uruguayan footballer thought biting his opponent could, somehow, help his side. Funny enough, it wasn’t even the only time the player has done so. Anyway, he got suspended for nine matches for the cannibalistic attack.

Keegan and the Worst Excuse Ever – 1996

Manchester United and Newcastle were fighting for the title back in 1996. Despite Newcastle’s 12-points lead, the Red Devils managed to close the gap and ultimately win the competition. Kevin Keegan would rant about this meltdown in the media, claiming that other teams played softer against Manchester and the toughest against them.

When Kids Made Alan Hansen Shut Up – 1995

Former football player and TV commentator, Alan Hansen, went tough on Manchester United’s new squad. “You can’t win with kids”, the old footballer has said about the Red Devils’ lineup. Among the young and yet-unknown players, David Beckham, Scholes, the Nevilles, and Butt. With this comment, Hansen has joined the Hall of Infamous Predictions, along with that Decca guy, who said the Beatles didn’t have a future.

Jose Mourinho and the “Special One” – 2004

When Chelsea decided to hire a yet-unknown Jose Mourinho, it surely wasn’t because of his modesty. In his first interview as the Blues’ coach, he declared: “I’m the special one”. Mourinho kept his word and led the team to several titles.

Eat Rant Hate – 2005

The acclaimed Norwich chef, Delia Smith, isn’t only famous for her criminally good-looking dishes. She also strikes as a football commentator, and in one of her finest moments, she compares one of the sides to a “soggy soufflé”. The unflattering comparison wasn’t enough to get her team tougher, but it became a timeless classic of TV football.

When the Player Red-Carded the Referee – 2003

During a match between Southampton and Birmingham, the whistler Matt Messias rose from anonymity to stardom in a split second. The move that made him instantly famous was an elbow strike straight on Robbie Savage’s mouth, accidentally, of course. Referee and player remained until the end of the game, despite Alan Shearer`s attempt to red-card both for their shameful behaviour.

Why Always Balotelli? – 2011

That year, the Manchester Derby ended badly for the red half of the city. Red Devils’ supporters watched a painful 6-1 defeat at Old Trafford. Balotelli lived one of the best moments of his career and decided to poke the devils a little. He scored two goals in this match, from the 17 he scored during the season. That’s why he felt comfortable enough to lift his uniform t-shirt, to reveal another one, where it reads “Why always me?”

Cantona’s Bruce Lee Moment – 1995

In a match between Crystal Palace and Manchester United, an Eagles’ fan, who was repeatedly throwing racist abuse at Cantona, decided it was a good idea to make a Nazi salute. Cantona threw an epic kick on the abuser right from the pitch. The cathartic moment rendered Cantona a nine months suspension. The infamous Eagles’ fan got banned for the rest of the season.

Friendly Fire – 2009

Liverpool was playing against Sunderland. Darren Bent, Sunderland’s striker, was in a position to take a shot. However, Liverpool’s goalkeeper, Pepe Reina, was also able to defend it. Well, at least he was until a cheeky fan decided to throw a volleyball into the field. As it turns out, Brent’s shot was met by the ill-fated volleyball, changing its trajectory to the goal, deceiving Reina.



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