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Khaligraph Jones – “Best Rapper In Nigeria” (Lyrics)


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Khaligraph Jones – “Best Rapper In Nigeria” (Lyrics)

Khaligraph Jones – “Best Rapper In Nigeria” (Lyrics)

Am the best rapper in Nigeria right now
I am Nigerian right now
And I?am?the best rapper?(Motif watsup)

[Verse 1]
Uh, guess you the sacrificial?lamb
Funny how you tryna get even
They already crowned the King
You should wait for the next season (Jones)
Your family is about to be left griefing
You are 40 years old But looking like you still breastfeeding
You are a snitch in disguise me am happy am a G
I can see it in your eyes you’re Tekashi wannabe
Lil Pump pussy gang you are a clown to say the least
Nigeria had to send a lesbian to slay a beast?
They told me not to diss you cz nobody know you in your city
Last time you trended you was in Abuja flashing titties
You a bitch nigga made emotional, learn a lesson
You’re the old 5 Usher when he was trappin confessions
I spotted you in Lagos you was seen drugging in an Uber cab
And I was cruising in a G Wagon
And I couldn’t help I petty you I’d leave it in the past
But it’s unfortunate your own people treating you like trash

This is how I murder handicapped clowns
Ain’t no shame, been a trendy Blaq Bonez
I don’t give a fuck am a buddy black bounce
Don’t ever think you can fuck with Khaligraph Jones
You ain’t no lyricist nigga your shit is a joke
You wanted fire now you tryna get rid of the smoke
Best rapper in Africa, am considered the GOAT
Next time pay your lazy fans and get them to vote
I was in your hood doing a research and getting mad answers
They never heard a Blaq Bonez they’ve only heard of Black Panther
Bum! Now tell me how you think you are in my level clown
If I was you, I would retire and settle down

Why are you looking stressed my amigo?
The purpose for this diss is to help you push to Ego
So your interview and how you claim to be the next Davido
Then I came and I beat you, right in front of your people
Now you wearing wedding dresses, damn what a shame?
Nigerian rappers used to be the hottest in the game
But along the way changed, then you started chasing fame
Fix your life’s up before you think of mentioning my name
Mode 9 and M.I those be the best
Vector the Viper he got my respect
Ice Prince Zamani he is the coldest in the West
The rest doing Afrobeats motherfucker, what a mess?


It’s not that am hating but it’s a fact
But see all the new dance moves but who is doing the rap?
At least Ycee is trapping and putting y’all on the map
But 90% of you new rapping niggas sound whack
Now back to Blaq Bonez you a done chapter
Am taking the top 5 and the rest come after
I’mma pour gasoline so I can make you burn faster
You’re a comedian Idikoko slash turned rapper

(Somebody tell Khaligraph that I was just joking)
(And it’s Nigerian broda am gaming to provoke him)

So now you wanna reach out, tryna ring my celly
This is beef Slim Shaddy versus Machine Gun Kelly
I was in Sound City making up to some of your hoes
You was in SoundCity making out to some of your bros
And I almost approached you but for real I was confused
Cause you look like Bow Wow in 2002

A bunch of skinny little dudes tryna mess with a G(Ey)
Even John Cena could’t wrestle with me
OG motherfucker reppin’ the East
I got conditions just in case you tryna settle this beef

I wanted to be citizen in Nigeria fuck a Visa
I mention in the island and about 10 divas
A Bentley in a posh since am coming for the crown
Cause am the best Kenyan-Nigerian rapper in town
So down nigga cause your casket closed
You fraud ass nigga men your catchs exposed
You could never match this flow
And the next time I see you imma smack you hoe
All the lean and weed you smokin’ got you hyper than a hoe
Got a ratchet in the jacket live your life as in a mob
Now you on Instagram acting righteous than before
Never drop the ball fuck am like a striker when it’s course
Let me not see you again wearing cheap ass suits
At Soundcity men I always beat that dude
You weak ass goof mumble rapper I hate that booth
And if you got some shit to say you better spit that truth

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