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List of Winners of 15th Golden Melody Awards


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1. Popular music works category:

●Best pop music album award winning company Winning
company: Alfa Music Co., Ltd. Classical, Opera, Hip Hop, Rock. Various images full of humanity, music, experiments, satire, and social realism fragments stimulate people of flesh and blood.

●Best Pop Music Performance Album Award- winning company: Fengchao
Audio Publishing Co., Ltd. The soundtrack made by “Niezi” uses the cello to compose exquisite and moving literary music, which touches the deep and depressed emotions in the heart and breaks through the framework and restrictions of the soundtrack!

●Best Music Video Director Award
Winner: Kuang Sheng
Award Winning Work: Class Two of Three Years / [Ye Zhuomei]
Publishing Company: Alfa Music Co., Ltd.
Winner Profile: Winner of Channel 〔 V ] and MTV’s “Best Music Video” Award, and has been shortlisted for the Golden Melody Awards, MTV and Channel [V] for the best music video.

●Best Composer Award
Winner: Chen Xiaojuan
Award-Winning Work: Ye Zi∕〔Wounded〕Distribution Company
: Huayan International Music Co., Ltd.
Best Lyricist Award and Best Composer Award at the 13th Golden Melody Awards, and won the Best Composer Award at the 14th Golden Melody Awards in 2003 with “Love”.

●Best Lyricist Award
Winner: Song Yueting
Winner Work: life’s a struggle∕〔life’s a struggle〕
Distributor: Source Power Culture Development Co., Ltd.
Winner Profile: Since childhood, he has won numerous comics written and drawn by himself awards. At the age of fourteen, he immigrated to the United States alone. He is a natural artist, dancing, music, painting and writing. At the age of nineteen, he was framed by a friend and imprisoned. During the three-year probation period, he vented his repressed soul through music creation. In 2001, he was diagnosed with bone cancer, and ended his short life at the age of 23 on August 9, 2002.

●Best Arranger Award
Winner: Zhong Xingmin
Winner Work: Prague Square [Watch Me 72 Changes]
Publisher: Sony Columbia Music Inc.
Winner Profile: Tainan, Taiwan. Experience: Red Ant, arrange music for more than ten years. In 1996, he was shortlisted for the Best Arranger Award at the 7th Golden Melody Awards with “Stupid Sui Xian”. In 2002, he won the Best Arranger Award at the 13th Golden Melody Awards with “Nunchaku”. In 2003, he was shortlisted for the Best Arranger Award at the 14th Golden Melody Awards with “The Last Battle”. This year he was nominated for the fourth time.

●Best Album Producer Award
Winner: Wang Leehom
Winner Work: Unbelievable
Publisher: Sony Columbia Music Inc.
Winner Profile: Published his first Mandarin album “Rival Beethoven” in 1995 and made his mark in the music scene. Joined Sony Music Taiwan in 1998 and published “Revolution and Rotation”. Nearly half of the songs were composed and produced by Leehom himself. In 1999, he won the “Best Male Singer Award” and “Best Album Producer” at the 10th Golden Melody Awards.

●Best Mandarin Male Singer Award
Winner: Wu Sikai
Winner: Pianist of Love
Publisher: Sony Columbia Music Co., Ltd.
Winner Profile: Released his first solo album “How to Say Love” in 1988, 1990 In 1996, he released “Special Love for Special You” and won the “Best Newcomer Award” at the 1st Golden Melody Awards. In 1996, he held his first large-scale solo concert “This Love Is Love Concert” at the Sun Yat-Sen Memorial Hall in Taipei. Nominated for the Golden Melody Award for Best Male Singer in Mandarin for seven times.

●Best Taiwanese Male Singer Award
Winner: Zhang Yuwei
Winner: Zhu Bajie
Publisher: Interactive Interface Co., Ltd.
Winner Profile: In the past 20 years of music creation, he has dedicated his youth and borrowed money to buy equipment for What I want to do is to compose a tune that expresses the tension of life. In 2001, the theme song “Accept Fate” of the movie “My Name Is Ming” won the Golden Horse Award for Best Song Composer, and later published “My Name Is Ming Movie Soundtrack – My Name Is Zhang Yuwei”, “How Do I Live Tomorrow?”, ” Pig Bajie” and autobiographical miscellaneous “Yongbo’s Diary”, the attitude of insisting on creating good music has not changed.

●Best Mandarin Female Singer Award
winner: Faye Wong
Award-winning work: Will Love
Publisher: Yinyu Music Co., Ltd.
Winner’s profile: Faye Wong came to Hong Kong at the end of 1987 and learned to sing with teacher Dai Sicong. In 1989, he officially entered the music scene. He has won the Gold Award of the Best Female Singer in the Commercial Radio’s Top Music Chart, Singapore’s 933 Golden Melody Awards Best Female Singer, the Most Popular Hong Kong Female Singer in the Asia-Pacific Region, and “One of the Top 20 My Favorite Original Songs” in the Top 10 Music Pop Chart, as well as various songs from various countries in Southeast Asia. Numerous regional music awards.

●Best Taiwanese Female Singer Award
Winner: Shirley Maya
Award-Winning Work: Hidden
Publisher: Daqi Production Co., Ltd.
Winner Profile: Shirley Maya has released eight solo albums as an aboriginal (six Taiwanese, one Mandarin and one original TV soundtrack), his unique Taiwanese R&B; singing style has brought the Taiwanese music scene to a different level. Dialect Female Singer Award, the twelfth and thirteenth sessions were also shortlisted for the Best Dialect Female Singer Award. She has participated in three drama performances, and her diverse development has created brilliant results for her personally.

●Best Hakka Singer Award
Winner: Xie Yuwei
Award-winning work: Yiqiu. Under the Flower Tree
Publishing Company: Weide Cultural Co., Ltd.
Winner Profile: From Taoyuan County, Taiwan. In 1991, he participated in the 5th “Youth Star” and won the Best Arrangement Award. In 1992, he composed “Wen Bu Ge” in the Hakka language and won the Best Composer and Singer Award at the Ninth University City National Music Contest. In 1995, he published his first solo album “Until now I don’t understand it is my only excuse”. In 1997, he served as the music director of Hakka Radio. In 2001, he planned and produced Liu Shaoxi’s “Happy” album. In 2003, he established Weide Culture Co., Ltd. Published his second album “Yiqiu. Under the Flower Tree”.

●Best Aboriginal Singer Award
Winner: Peng Shuiguang (aboriginal name: Sakale)
Award-winning work: Taiwan Rukai Nationality Centennial Song
Publishing Company: Midea Melody Publishing House
Winner Profile: Taiwan Rukai Nationality National treasure-level artist, who holds the title of “Rukai Warrior” since he was young, is also a dexterous woodcarving master and a devout priest. He founded the “Sakale Cultural Relics Exhibition Hall”. Silently engaged in cultural inheritance work, his talent has been affirmed by the cultural and political circles at home and abroad, and has won numerous art awards. Listening to him sing the songs of the Rukai people a hundred years ago, even if you don’t know what it means, you can still feel the profound culture of the Rukai people , Pure traits.

●Best Orchestra Award
Winner: Mayday Winner
: Time Machine
Publisher: Rolling Stone International Music Co., Ltd.
Winner Profile: Chen Xinhong (Ashin): lead singer, Wen Shangyi (Monster): guitar, Shi Hangwei (Stone) : Guitar, Liu Yanming (Yanming): Drummer, Cai Shengyan (Martha): Bass, common music experience: songwriting and recording production “ㄞ Country Song Collection”, “Hug Album”, “Mayday’s first creative album”, Produced “Long Live Love Album”, “Life Haihai Album” and “Time Machine Album”.

●Best Duo Winner
: Aboom&Brandy;
Award-winning work: Aboo&Brandy; first album
release company: Youyu Music Co., Ltd.
Winner profile: Aboo: Taitung Paiwan tribe, voice High-pitched and vigorous. Brandy: Amis from Taitung, the sound quality is hoarse and sexy. In May 2003, the two released “Aboom & Brandy’s first full creative album”. Their creations have an astonishing originality and vitality! Their voices have a natural harmony! They are Abo&Brandy;!

●Best Singing Newcomer Award
Winner: JJ Lin
Award-Winning Work: Joywalker
Publisher: Huayu Records Co., Ltd.
Winner Profile: In 2003, he released his first album “Joywalker” at the age of 22. Has demonstrated an extremely extraordinary musical talent; published works such as Amei’s “Remember” and Adu’s “Live Alone” before the age of 20. In 1997, he won the first “Rolling Stone Music Songwriting Competition” The runner-up of the singing group, has published dozens of works so far. In 2003, he won the “Best Newcomer Gold Award” at the Singapore Golden Melody Awards!

2. Traditional and Art Music Works
●Best Classical Music Album Award
Winning Company: Golden Leather Technology Co., Ltd. Winning Work:
Four Expressions of Piano
One piece of work, selected and recorded four different types of drama music such as ballet, musical, tango and opera, creating a rare piano version.

●Best National Music Album Award
Winning Company: Fengchao Audio Publishing Co., Ltd.
Winning Work: Jing
Yesi Winning Work Introduction: This album is composed of Wang Xinxin as the lead vocalist, pipa lead performer and producer, and composer Chen Huazhi combines Nanguan with Tang poetry innovation Compose the music, inviting top Nanguan musicians from Quanzhou and Xiamen to participate; it is both popular and profound, traditional and innovative. It is an important milestone in the inheritance of Nanguan culture and a dawn of traditional art.

●Best Opera and Music Album Award
Winning Company: Huanyu Culture Studio Winning Work
: Taiwan’s Last Walking Singer
Ballads of early immigrants from Fujian and Guangdong. The delicate and touching traditional singing not only preserves and records the local music of Hengchun, Bamboo, and Miao areas, but also reflects the emotional epic of the ancestors farming and studying Taiwan.

●Best Children’s Song Album Award
Winning Company: Fengchao Audio Publishing Co., Ltd.
Winning Work: Playing Gong and Carrying Drums
Winning Work Introduction: This is a newly created Taiwanese children’s song, written by local language writer Bai Ling , producers Wu Jintai and Cao Dengchang injected a popular and lively new look into nursery rhymes, and the “Baby Boy Choir” sang the truth, goodness and beauty of children’s songs.

●Best Religious Music Album Award
Winning Company: Taiwan Presbyterian Church Communication Foundation
Winner: You Are My Favorite
Winner Introduction: The whole album was recorded in professional recording studios in Nashville, Tennessee and Hollywood in the United States. Lin Huanjun She personally participated in the process of making all the albums. Except for three English songs that have special meaning to her, she created all the others by herself. The style of the album has a natural and dust-free atmosphere of “Music of Hpoe”.

●Best Cross-Border Music Album Award
Winning Company: Dashu Music Image
Winner: Wandering Song Music Festival LIVE
Winner Introduction: This album is the first live video record of a music festival in Taiwan, with live multi-track recording plus Surround mixing, faithfully reproduce every sound of every orchestra, and preserve the innate touch of wandering songs.

●Best Composer Award
Winner: Xiao Tairan
Award Winning Work: Oratorio The Prodigal Son/[Prodigal Son]
Publishing Company: Formosa Choir, Jiawei Video Industry Co., Ltd.
Known as “Taiwan Rachmaninoff” “Mr. Xiao Tairan, who has rich creative thinking, was awarded the Best Composer Award at the 10th Golden Melody Awards. He loves Taiwan with his life and music. Whether it is Taiwanese art songs or church music, through his deeply emotional melodies, Mr. Xiao expresses his steadfast faith and expresses his love for Taiwan.

●Best Lyricist Award
Winner: Yuxi
Winner Work: Prelude─Like the Undissolved Lingshan Meeting, Fangnong Zhaozhou Tea / [Song of Flower Yan]
Publishing Company: Puyin Cultural Enterprise Co., Ltd.
Winner Profile : Born in 1951 in Dingxi Village, Fangyuan Township, Changhua County. His works include: Zijin Baoyi, Pao Xiu Luolan, Ami Lido, Ruixiang Xuanjiao and other novels, 17.23 Qiyedai drama novels, and Tianxinglu short story collection. Yuxi Poetry Collection, Obstinate Stones Amuse the Spring, Joy in Love, Foolish Joy, Frost Night White, Falling One Color, Song Luo Fen, Frost’s Song, Pisces Playing with the Moon, Rabbit Pregnant, White Horse Entering the Reed Flower, Five-day Silver Candle Glory, Alphabet Swimming Fish new collection of poems. Eastern Poetry Notes, Southern Poetry Notes, Western Poetry Notes, Northern Poetry Notes, Chinese Poetry Notes, Poetry Collection in Eleven Volumes with Long Scrolls. Strong oriental philosophical thinking, poetic style of singing about nature, and depicting the profound life background of human beings are the characteristics of his series of works. He has won the Golden Tripod Award for Book Publishing in Literary Creation, the Golden Tripod Award for Music Producer, and the Golden Melody Award for Best Lyricist in 1999, 2000, and 2004.

●Best Album Producer Award
Winner: Wang Shufang
Winner Work: Mihumisa(n)g Bless You
Publisher: Jiujiu Culture International Co., Ltd.
Winner Profile: Graduated from the Chinese Department of National Taiwan University, and worked as a planner for Yuanliu Publishing Company , executive editor of China Times Evening News Supplement, music producer of London NOVEMBER Production Company, works include music review essays, short stories, reportage, etc. “, “Premiere” and so on.

●Best Singing Award
Winner: Ruisi
Winner: Ruisi Returns
Publisher: Republic of China Taiwan Aborigines Crafts Research and Development Association
Winner Profile: In 1984, Ruisi won the five-degree five-level highest of the Five-Deng Award of Taiwan TV honor. She has been a heavyweight in the Aboriginal music scene for many years. In 2000, Rui Si was invited to be a guest singing artist of “You Theater Troupe”. With her ancient energy and magnetic voice, Rui Si went wild with the original three giant percussion instruments of You Theater. When the drums and gongs are playing, only Reese’s singing can stir up this shocking sensation. If the Dashen Drum is “Thunder”; the Dachao Gong is “Electricity”; the Dasangbo Gong is “Rain”; then Reiss is the “Wind” that roams the sky and dances the clouds and rain.

●Best Performance Award
Winner: Chen Ruibin
Winning Work: Four Expressions of the Piano
Publisher: Golden Leather Technology Co., Ltd.
Winner Profile: Chen Ruibin is a representative figure of the younger generation of pianists in Taiwan. Born in Tainan City, he passed the Ministry of Education Examination for Gifted Children at the age of twelve. Graduated from the Vienna Municipal Academy of Music and the Hannover State Academy of Music (highest performer diploma). Chen Ruibin once set a world record for performing all of Rachmaninoff’s piano concertos in two days a week, and was the winner of the 18th International Piano Competition.

3. Special Contribution Award:
Winner: Ma Shuilong
Brief introduction of the winner: Graduated from the National Academy of Art in 1964. In 1972, he received a full lecture scholarship from the Regensburg Conservatory of Music in West Germany to study in Germany. He was taught by Sigmund Ph.D., graduated summa cum laude in 1975. He has won the Golden Tripod Award twice, as well as the Zhongshan Literary Creation Award, the Wu Sanlian Literary Creation Award, and the National Literary Award, etc. His work Bangdi Concerto was performed by the National Symphony Orchestra in Taipei in 1983 at the Sun Yat-Sen Memorial Hall in Taipei, directed by Rostopovich. It was broadcast live by satellite to the US PBS public television network, and was well received by people at home and abroad. The first Taiwanese composer to present an entire solo work at the Lincoln Center in New York, USA. In 1991, he was included in the “Who’s Who in the World” and “The 500 Who’s Who”. In 2000, he was awarded the second-class Jingxing Medal by the Presidential Palace. He used to be the founding director, dean, and dean of the music department of the National Academy of Arts (now the National Taipei University of the Arts), the chairman of the Chinese Music Copyright Owners Federation, the Asian Composers Federation of the Republic of China and the Republic of China Composers Association Chairman of the Board of Directors; currently the national policy advisor of the Presidential Office of the Republic of China, the director of the National Cultural and Art Foundation, the executive director of the Qiu Zaixing Cultural and Educational Foundation, the vice chairman of the Asian Composers Federation, the chair professor of the Music Research Institute of National Chiao Tung University, and Professor of the Music Department and Research Institute of the National Taipei University of the Arts.

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