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Noah Kerner Biography: Early Life, Education, Career, Award, Age & Net Worth


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Noah Kerner biography: Noah Kerner is a well-known Businessman, Entrepreneur and Professional Business speaker, and he was a former DJ for Jennifer Lopez. He was born in New York City's East Village.

Who is Noah Kerner?

Noah Kerner is a businessman and entrepreneur. He is the chief executive officer of a startup called Acorns. The company developed a micro-investing app. Kerner has led an interesting professional life. He has rubbed shoulders with some of the most famous people in the music industry. Noah Kerner was born in New York City in the East Village. He grew up in New York, where he received his education and started his career in business. He worked with the former CEO of Barneys to author “Chasing Cool,” also with Jennifer Lopez's former DJ.

What do you know about Noah Kerner biography? Well, MideVibez uncovers every detail!

Noah Kerner Early Life

Noah Kerner is originally from New York City's East Village. He grew up there and learned how to navigate two different worlds early from the village. He attended public school with “kids who did not have a lot,” the poor kids, but would also play competitive tennis in wealthy circles amongst “kids who had a lot,” the rich kids. This dichotomy followed him into his teen years when he attended private high school during the day but would DJ and work at New York Hip Hop nightclubs by night.
Noah Kerner Biography: Early Life, Education, Career, Award, Age & Net Worth
Noah Kerner biography

Noah Kerner Education

Noah Kerner had his primary and high education in the New York village. He was a graduate of psychology and economics from the prestigious Cornell University, where he studied between 1995 and 1999.

Noah Kerner Career

Noah Kerner is a serial businessman who had in the past DJ'ed for Jennifer Lopez, built a creative agency in his 20s, and is also a co-founder of the shareholder rights fintech startup Say. In his 20s, Noah Kerner built the leading creative agency for the young adult market, Noise. Before being acquired by Engine, Noise developed hundreds of products and marketing campaigns for this generation, including Facebook's first application, the first credit card to reward responsibility rather than spending for Chase, Vice's music site Noisey, and the top branded game in the App Store. Noah Kerner has been recognized as one of Billboard Magazine's “Top 30 Under 30,” AdWeek's “Top 20 Under 40,” Fast Company's “Innovation Agents” and “Impact Council” members, and as a judge for the Webby Awards. He has also advised and invested in various fast-growing startups, including WeWork, where he served as the first Chief Strategy & Marketing Officer from 2013–to 2014. Passionate about educating today's youth, Noah Kerner has lectured on entrepreneurialism, fintech, and media at NYU, UCLA, Stanford, and Columbia and currently serves on the Board of VH1's Save The Music Foundation. Acorns are the country's fastest-growing saving and investing app, helping more than 8 million save and support for the future.

Noah Kerner Personal Life

Noah Kerner is a private individual that kept many things away from the public, including his age and family. In an interview, he said his two most important lessons revolve around working on something you genuinely care about and establishing clear company values with a mission that can do good for society. He further stated it categorically as do what makes you come alive. “do what makes you come alive, because if you don't feel that, if you don't, it's too much. And the second lessons are to have a real mission and be clear about your values. “Make sure you're clear about your values. Noah Kerner‘s girlfriend or spouse is not revealed to the media.

Noah Kerner Media Controversy

No Controversy to of whatsoever!

5 Things To Know About Noah Kerner

1. Noah Kerner is the co-founder of Acorns

According to CrunchBase, Noah Kerner is not only the CEO of Acorns, but he is also the co-founder of the company. Acorn is a micro-investing app. The business is headquartered in New York, New York.

2. Kerner is a serial entrepreneur

Acorns is not the first company that Mr. Kerner has launched. It is his fourth. This puts him in the category of a serial entrepreneur. He is skilled at developing new businesses and seeing them through to success. He established Noise, a creative agency for young adults. He built the business up with hundreds of products. He also launched many marketing campaigns including a top-ranked game in the App Store and more before the business was acquired by Engine. He was in his 20s when he built Noise.

3. Noah Kerner is an investor

Kerner is also an investor. He has a keen eye for good investments and he likes putting his money into new startups that are growing quickly. He invested in the company WeWork, and also served as its first Chief Strategy and Marketing Officer. He has made several significant investments. One of his more recent investments was in a company called Trust & Will. He contributed funds in a round of Series B funding for the company that was valued at $15 million.

4. Noah Kerner is a celebrated entrepreneur

Mr. Kerner has been recognized for his significant accomplishments at such an early age. He has been acknowledged by Billboard Magazine in its Top 30 under 30 lists of entrepreneurs. Fast Company listed him among its Impact Council members and on its list of Innovation Agents. He also served as a judge for the Webby Awards. Mr. Kerner was named to AdWeek's Top 20 under 40 lists also.

5. He is community-minded and helps youth

Mr. Kerner has a passion for helping others. He has an interest in helping to educate today's youth. Noah was very young when he became successful in business and he encourages and educates young people by lecturing at many colleges and universities such as UCLA, Columbia, NYU, and Stanford.

Noah Kerner Awards

Noah Kerner Biography: Early Life, Education, Career, Award, Age & Net Worth
Noah Kerner biography

Noah Kerner Age

As at the time of publication of this article, Noah Kerner's age is yet to be ascertained. But, it's believed that he is in his 40s.

Noah Kerner Social Media

Noah Kerner is not on many social media platforms as he likes to keep his personal life to himself. He is not on Instagram and Twitter but has an active LinkedIn page. You can connect with him via LinkedIn.

Noah Kerner’s Net Worth

The seasoned American businessman, Noah Kerner‘s net worth is valued between $50 million – $70 million.

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