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Olamide – “Wonma!” (Lyrics)

by Etz_Jayprinz

Olamide - Wanna!


Olamide – ***Wonma Lyrics***

Hello, hello, hello, hello
Hello, hello, hello, hello
Cracker, Cracker….
O boy O boy
O boy O boy

O le te obinrin lo’run
O le te obinrin lo’run
To ba te obinrin lo’run
O le te ashana lo’run Wonma do

O ba gbe lo location, Wonma do
Fowo shey renovation, Wonma do
Ko fine bi ti Rihanna, Wonma do
K’epon eh dun bi banana, Wonma do
O ba mo jo bi Chris Brown, Wonma do
Fa koko bi Bobby Brown, Wonma do
Wa light eh biti lantern, Wonma do
Wa light e biti lantern, Wonma do
O ba fi ake kori, Wonma do
Oshey nkan osu o fun lori, Wonma do
To ba wu eh ko lo magun, Wonma do
Wa fun doggy ah lagun, Wonma do
O ba ma tete cum, Wonma do
O ba lo tramadol, Wonma do
O ba mo Shina Peller, Wonma do
Birthday gift ko ra Venza, Wonma do
O ba fresh bi ti Phyno, Wonma do
Ki Oko eh le bi ti diplo, Wonma do
O ba lowo bi Puppy, Wonma do
Gbe lo yankee fun shopping, Wonma do
Bo wu eh shey introduction, Wonma do
And so what? Pe eshey wedding, Wonma do
E ba do ra yin loyun, Wonma do
Two months after naming, Wonma do

Do do, Wonma do
Do do do, Wonma do
Lateyin biti doggy, Wonma do
Lati waju missionary, Wonma do
Standing ovation ni Kitchen, Wonma do
Touch your toe labe shower, Wonma do
Who are you? Wonma do
Iwo ti won ti do iyawo eh, Wonma do
Koto ka gidi bori, Wonma do
Biti fan Ndibuisi, Wonma do
Cold stone, o ba ra sharwarma, Wonma do
Ki kini abe eh dabi Cassava, Wonma do
Kun soju biti ta tike, Wonma do
Konta gba gbe bi sindigbe, Wonma do
O ba hot bi Aboniki, Wonma do
O ba mu ko ni sho nibi, Wonma do
Gbe sori bi irun Taribo, Wonma do
Pamukutu biti t‘Awilo, Wonma do
O‘n wa benz, Igba yen nko? Wonma do
With your 2 million, bata yen ko, Wonma do
iPhone X for attention, Wonma do
10k dols for her make up, Wonma do
Hello bros e ti sinwiri, Wonma do
ko‘n dry biti kilinshi, Wonma do
We dey tell you now you dey shagidi, Wonma do
Nitori pe o shey obo tintini, Wonma do
I love you, I love you, Wonma do
That one na for your pocket, Wonma do
O’n roko leyin office, Wonma do
O de’n shey biti novice, Wonma do
Before you jabulani, Wonma do
Sho mo pe o like boob biti Nanny, Wonma do
O gbe gbafun re dani, Wonma do
Oju kan were wo ladani, Wonma do
Sweety Potato, Wonma do
My honey, My honey, Wonma do
Awon aye akamara, Wonma do
Wa lo gbo bi Kampala, Wonma do

Wonma do, Wonma do,
Wonma do, Wonma do
Wonma do, Wonma do
Wonma do, Wonma do
E ma shey jeje oh, Wonma do
(Wonma do, Wonma do)
Awon eyan para, Wonma do
(Wonma do, Wonma do…)

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Cracker, Cracker….

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