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Peruzzi – Destiny (Lyrics)


peruzzi destiny mp3
peruzzi destiny mp3

Byoyagala bikolebwe ku nsi
Nga bwetusonyiwa abatwonona

I have witnessed several miracles in my time
But there is one we have waited for our entire lives
His birth was foretold by the stars
He will be celebrated
With the finest of instruments
This young Prince
Will be serenaded by the arms of pro ferrous medias in the kingdom
It’s said that the new Prince
Will have the voice of a thousand Nightingales
The ability
To move whole crowds to tears
A Prince today yes
But a King tomorrow for sure
I present to you


Oh no test me test me
This is my destiny destiny
Sound it

Watch how I touch down
What time I shut down
Causing a rampage
Pose like a savage
Pass down
They wan fit know where I come from
Am not a mermaid
Came with a mermaid
Don’t fuck around
You might leave with a bandage

Oh no test me test me
This is my destiny destiny

Call me a bandit
My nigga you don’t know about it
Right now am wanted
Cause I changed the subject
Am a lyrical gangster
But I smoke like an addict

Oh no test me test me
This is my destiny destiny

Swaps swaps

Pre bang bang bang
Bang bang bang bang
Bang bang

Welcome to the house

I go by the name of Peruzzi
A.K.A Huncho Vibez
And I
I’m excited right now cause
This is everything to me
And I
I couldn’t wait uh
To share this moment with you uh
Waited my whole life to
Omo no need
You know the vibe


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