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Sache Lamonte Biography: Early Life, Education, Career, Award, Age & Net Worth

Sache Lamonte Biography: Sache Lamonte (born 17 October 1991) is an American professional dancer and social media personality. She came into the limelight after sharing some of her performances on Instagram, where she currently has more than a million followers. Sache Lamonte has also recently worked with a handful of brands as a model.

Who is Sache Lamonte?

Sache Lamonte is a stunning black American dancer and fashion model with perfect curves that can send chills down your spine. Her body and lifestyle are something to behold, especially if you follow her on Instagram. In this article, we’ll explain every juicy detail about Sache Lamonte, including her Early Life, Career, Relationship, Net Worth, etc. Moreover, the multi-talented damsel could also dance. She’s the epitome of Africa’s beauty. Every photo taken of her will constantly water your mouth. She has what a man needs both in the front and back. However, as you keep reading, you’ll learn more about her.

Early Life

Sache Lamonte was born on the 17th of October, 1991, in her mother’s home city in California, United States. Growing up, the talented dancer developed a strong bond with her mom and aunt. She was a music lover and would vibe to the hit songs of her youthful days.


Sache Lamonte was a reserved figure at school. Even though her grades were not among the best, she was revered at school and loved by her mates and teachers. Sache Lamonte Biography: Early Life, Education, Career, Award, Age & Net Worth


[calculate_years datestring=”10/17/1991″]-year-old Sache Lamonte started her dancing career as a teenager. She attended dance rehearsals and classes with her close friends and was regarded as the best by her peers. She came into the limelight after sharing some of her performances on Instagram and currently has more than a million followers. Currently, she is regarded as a professional dancer and a model who has recently worked with a handful of brands. However, she commenced her modeling career in 2014, when she began posting images on Instagram of herself in various bikinis and trendy clothing. She is a stunning woman who knows how to rock multiple looks. Besides, she has a knack for enthralling her fans with stunning photographs on her Instagram profile, which they adore and praise. After posting some of her performances on Instagram, the relentless model shot to fame, where she now has over a million followers. She is currently known as a professional dancer and model who has recently collaborated with some brands. Over the years, Sache has built a reputation in the fashion business, influencing firms such as fashion Nova and other cosmetics companies. The dancer who lives in California remains a model who promotes a variety of fashion, cosmetics, and swimsuit products while also working to advance her profession. However, she enjoys watching movies and reading books in her leisure moments. She is presently single, with no known boyfriend, and is frequently seen with her female pals.
Name: Sache Lamonte
D.O.B & Age: 17 October 1991 (age [calculate_years datestring=”10/17/1991″] years old)
Birth Place: California
Nationality: American
Boyfriend/Husband: Single
Occupation: Dancer • SM Personality
Net Worth: $1,000,000–$5,000,000

Personal Life

Sache Lamonte loves to travel and attend parties. She also loves to watch movies and read books in her spare time. She is currently single, has no disclosed boyfriend, and is often found in the company of her female friends.

Sache Lamonte Media Controversy

Where is Sache Lamonte from?

She is from California and is close to her mother and aunt.

What is Sache Lamonte known for?

Dancer and social media star who has earned over 1.3 million followers on Instagram.


Sache Lamonte has no awards yet.


Sache Lamonte is [calculate_years datestring=”10/17/1991″] years of age, born on 17 October 1991.

Social Media

Sache Lamonte is active on various social media platforms where she feasts her fans’ eyes with juicy photos. She is well-known for her Instagram following, similar to Amber Astley. However, she has a YouTube account where she uploads fashion vlogs for her fans. and followers. Her Instagram followers are over a million and 6,000 YouTube subscribers. Follow Sache Lamonte on all her social media platforms: Instagram Twitter Facebook

Net Worth

Sache Lamonte‘s earnings have seen her stack up a net worth estimated between $1,000,000–$5,000,000.


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