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Sage Robbins Biography: Husband, Age, Height, Wikipedia, Net Worth, Children, Photos


Sage Robbins

Sage Robbins is a former Canadian actress best known as the wife of the renowned American author, coach, motivational speaker, and philanthropist Tony Robbins.

With her vibrant personality and active involvement in Tony Robbins‘ work, she has made a significant impact on the personal development industry.

Sage Robbins is admired for her dedication to promoting positive change and inspiring individuals to lead fulfilling lives.


  • Full Name: Sage Robbins
  • Other Names: Bonnie Pearl Humphrey
  • Date of Birth: August 5, 1972
  • Age: 51 years
  • Gender: Female
  • Place of Birth: Canada
  • Nationality: Canadian
  • Profession: Former Actress, Philanthropist

Early Life & Education

Now 51 years old as of 2023, Sage Robbins, born on August 5, 1972, in Canada, had a humble upbringing. She was raised by her father, Bill Humphrey, in a small town where she developed a strong sense of independence and resilience.

Growing up, Sage was surrounded by a loving family that nurtured her dreams and encouraged her to pursue her passions.

Sage Robbins

Personal Life

Sage Robbins was previously married to John Lynch, a Canadian businessman, in 1992. However, during one of Tony Robbins’ seminars, she first encountered her future husband, Tony.

After divorcing John in 1999, Sage began dating Tony Robbins in 2001. The couple tied the knot on October 15, 2001.

In addition to being Tony Robbins’ beloved wife, Sage Robbins is a devoted stepmother to Tony’s children from previous relationships.

She shares a close bond with Jairek Robbins, a motivational speaker, and Jolie Jenkins, an actress. Sage’s love and support have nurtured a harmonious family environment.


Sage Robbins embarked on her professional journey by working at a health food store. In 2001, she made her acting debut in the film “Shallow Hal,” where she played the role of a fan of her husband, Tony Robbins.

Her portrayal showcased her talent and versatility as an actress.

Following her successful debut, Sage further explored her acting career by appearing in the television series “Toby the Vampire Slayer” from 2013 to 2015, where she portrayed the character April.

As Paige Matthews, she also showcased her acting skills in the short film “Stab: The Real Life Sequel” in 2013. Sage Robbins also appeared in the documentary “Tony Robbins: I Am Not Your Guru” in 2016, highlighting her commitment to supporting her husband’s work.

Besides her acting pursuits, Sage Robbins actively contributes to Tony Robbins’ seminars and events. Her warm presence and genuine dedication have made her an invaluable asset in creating transformative experiences for participants.

Sage Robbins

Net Worth

While the exact net worth of Sage Robbins is undisclosed, considering her involvement in her husband’s endeavours and her previous acting career, it can be estimated that her net worth is around $3 million.

Sage’s collaborative efforts with Tony Robbins and her active engagement in the personal development industry have undoubtedly contributed to her financial success.

Social Media

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  • Shallow Hal
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