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Tavish – Garri and Eru


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Tavish – Garri and Eru Mp3 Download; Rising artist Tavish has released a brand new single he titled “Garri and Eru”.

He was eating this dish that he loves so much one day and he started humming a catchy melody.
He laughed and ran to twitter which he tweeted “Making a song about Garri and Eru” as a joke to his followers on there.

He got a lot of likes and comments on the tweet with everyone saying he should as they laughed with him.
So he decided he was going to do it since it was a fuuny idea and people would love as long as it is catchy and still a good song.
He kept the song simple since it was just about his love for “Garri and Eru” but had a hidden message behind the song saying it
people should enjoy their lives the way they enjoy eating their favorite foods. Life is too short for you not to enjoy it and with all the stuff
happening in the world right now, good vibes need to be spread. “Make the best of the life you are living oo”!

Listen & Enjoy.


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