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The Best Harry Potter Movies to Watch


The Best Harry Potter Movies to Watch

Nearly every person has either grown up watching Harry Potter or reading books. While the books give a lot more detail, the movies try to bring the magic in Harry Potter to life. Ever since the Harry Potter movies came out, everyone has been a fan of the movies and can probably quote the movie word for word. You can stream all the Harry Potter movies online, all you need is an internet connection that can stream the movies as flawlessly as possible. For that matter, you should consider getting Spectrum WiFi which is known for its stellar performance all over the United States.

Once you make sure your internet connection is great enough, you should head to the next part which is streaming all the best Harry Potter movies so that you would see how magical the story is. Keep reading to find out what the best Harry Potter movies were so that you could watch them as soon as possible:

Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire

This is undeniably the best Harry Potter movie made, it also has to be among the best Harry Potter books written. Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire is the fourth part in the installment and it is the part that marks the return of Voldemort as the villain and Voldemort finally gets a physical form for himself so that he could carry out dark magic. There is a lot that Harry has to deal with in the movie and the book as someone puts his name in the Goblet for the Triwizard Tournament, something that could potentially kill Harry because he is underage.

Harry also has to deal with his best friend Ron being jealous of him, which is why a fight breaks down between the two of them and they are not on talking terms for a major chunk of the movie. There is a lot that Harry has to do as part of the tournament such as fighting a Dragon or even diving deep into a lake so that he could save someone he loves.

Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets

This is the second part in the entire series and even though Harry is relatively young in this part, his adventure is still pretty huge. Even though at this point Voldemort does not have a physical form, he still somehow manages to wreak havoc in Harry’s life by trying to kill him but failing miserably. In the movie, Voldemort tries to get to Harry through his Diary, which is actually a Horcrux that encapsulates part of Voldemort’s soul in it. The purpose of a Horcrux is so that Voldemort could live on forever.

Towards the end of the movie, Harry has to fight a full-on Basilisk that has been going around trying to kill students but somehow they only end up being petrified. Also, at this point, Voldemort also tries to take Ginny in his control and Harry has to save her as well. Despite being very young, Harry ends up achieving what he wants and for the time being, he puts a stop to Voldemort and his plans.

Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets definitely has a very captivating storyline and the way it was filmed was also brilliant, which makes it a wonderful experience to watch even today.

Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban

If there’s one thing about Harry Potter, it’s the kind of twists it has in the story. In this movie, Harry finally finds out that he had a Godfather all along who has been wrongfully convicted for the murder of Harry’s parents. Due to this, his Godfather, Sirius Black, is sent to the wizard prison called Azkaban. Harry finds out that Sirius was best friends with his dad James and they had a group called the Marauders. Since Sirius was framed for something he didn’t do, Harry takes it upon himself to prove that Sirius was innocent and Harry goes back in time so that he could break Sirius out of Azkaban.

In the end, it is revealed that the actual murderer was Peter Pettigrew who was also among the marauders but he betrayed everyone and stood by Voldemort’s side. He later turned into an Animagus and disguised himself as a mouse so no one would know who he is and what he did.

Wrapping Up

Harry Potter is definitely one of the best movies to watch not just for yourself but for your kids as well, so be sure to watch all of these parts and then judge yourself!


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