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Top Five Thriller Movies You Need to Watch Right Now


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Top Five Thriller Movies You Need to Watch Right Now

A nice suspense-filled thriller movie will have you glued to the TV screen the entire time. All good movies possess the ability to keep you hooked to the screen however horror and thriller films have a different kind of feel to them.

They not only make you scream hard but also make shivers run down your spine. Such films mess with your mind and keep you deeply engaged, compelling you to keep pondering over the film even after watching it. We would highly recommend you watch these films if you are super bored or want a much-needed break from the daily stresses of life.

The good news is that all these amazing genres are easily accessible now thanks to the advancement in technology and of course streaming sites. Netflix, being the queen of entertainment and streaming has a huge library of movies and shows and so the probability of finding any kind of movie is quite high. With several options available, it is never a simple process to make a solid decision on which film to choose and ultimately watch.

Keeping all of this in mind, we have put together a list of some of the finest films that you should watch on Netflix instantly without even wasting a single second. Before you go ahead and enjoy the thriller movies that we have mentioned below, let us shed some light on the significance of a speedy, reliable internet connection needed for a smooth streaming experience.

We suggest searching for a reliable internet connection that offers sufficient speed for streaming. In case you are not satisfied with your current provider and looking for a dependable connection, then do check out Xfinity internet plans. These plans not only offer high-speed internet but can also effectively be bundled with cable TV. Contact customer service departments like Xfinity Servicio al Cliente (for Spanish speakers only) and get assistance in signing up with the provider that best meets your requirements.

Once you have access to the basics of streaming movies, you can go ahead and enjoy the films that we have enlisted below. You’ll have fun, we promise.

  1. Gold

The main character of this movie is Zac Efron who is playing the role of a nomad traveling through a vast desert. On his voyage, he discovers the largest gold nugget that no one had ever seen or talked about. While waiting to reunite with his companion, he tries his best to safeguard this precious discovery from all the dangerous thieves, ferocious dogs, and hard circumstances.

  1. Deep Water

This story revolves around a wealthy man named Vic Van Allen who struggles to maintain a healthy relationship with his wife. To avoid all the inconvenience and drama that accompany a messy divorce, Vic allows his wife to have multiple intimate relationships provided that she doesn’t leave their family and disturbs their piece of mind. But when one of Melinda’s ex-lovers suddenly disappears, she is compelled to look at her partner as the main suspect.

  1. The Stranger

This movie narrates the story of two complete strangers who end up becoming best friends. This honestly is a big dream come true for the handsome Henry Teague, who essentially has spent his whole life working super hard jobs.

Mark, his new friend, ends up being his colleague, friend, and partner who saves him from all the major stresses of life. However, both of these besties have some deepest, darkest secrets that possess the potential of destroying them.

  1. The Good Nurse

The difficult and strenuous hours at the Intensive Care Unit are taking a huge toll on the mental and physical health of an affectionate nurse named Amy who is already suffering from a serious heart disease. However, things get better when help arrives in the shape of a new male nurse called Charlie played by Eddie Redmayne.

However, after a number of mysterious patient deaths prompt an investigation that names Charlie as the prime suspect, Amy is forced to risk her life as well as the safety of her children in order to find out the truth.

  1. The Black Phone

The main character of the film is Ethan Hawke who is a famous serial killer. He is notorious for abducting young children and teenagers and keeping them locked for hours in a spooky, soundproof basement. All of the kidnapped kids die one by one.

However, things slightly change when the grabber kidnaps a young thirteen old boy named Finney who can clearly listen to the sounds of the murderer’s prior victims when a cordless phone attached to the dull wall starts to ring.

Wrapping Up

We hope the five thriller movies that we have mentioned in this article will make your weekends with your besties worthwhile. So add them to your watch list and thank us later.

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