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Vader the Wildcard – Exhibit V (Lyrics)

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download vader the wildcard exhibit


[Verse: Vader]
I’m from the city of brown roofs and tribal marks
None of my people tryna understand why you’d wanna rap
Boy if you intelligent, prove it at your day job
Work your way up through unexplainable pay cuts
Don’t nobody wanna hear that “yeah mahn”
What sorta music you making if we can’t dance nigga
Implementation of the stereotype
Perpetrated by niggas who go Finidi on mics
Meaning they head strong, hell bent on talking nonsense
Buncha words but really, no fucking content
It’s why I emerge like judges in the old testament
Saddled with the mantle, take you out the fucking pestilence
I’m like a booty call on a stormy afternoon
I’m outchea doing everything they told me not to do
Yet I’m still growing
I put my worst foot forward at the Opera
Your favorite rappers tiptoeing
Whatchu niggas doing

“whatchu doing nigga!

And while y’all debating bout if you should respond or ignore
I’m at the capital, tongue-wrestling with my girl
Boy I’m sick of this
Sick of giving a fuck like syphilis
Zinfandel sipper, sycophants known by show of hands
It’s the wildcard on a fine Saturday, wreaking havoc on bang average dudes like Anne Hathaway, building my monument like it’s Giza, now watch me cast away heathens and non-believers like a Christian movie producer, and peace to Issa

“and peace to all the legends!”

They call me Vader the Wildcard, fuck that
Call me Vader the wild cat, Vader the prime act
Vader the night cap, it’s lights out, your guys nap
When I snap mahn I feel like I’m Thanos when I drive past
My sector fast all-encompassing, check the pie chart
Mixed feelings to all em niggas who buy the charts
My bad, i’m not much of a wise spender
You think it’s Tinder the way a nigga swipe fast


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