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VIDEO: Earthgang – Bobby Boucher


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Adam Sandler praised the concept on Twitter and expressed his appreciation for Earthgang’s “Bobby Boucher” music video. On Monday, July 10, the iconic comedian praised the song on social media and thanked Dreamville’s eccentric combo for paying homage to his blockbuster film Waterboy.

“Earthgang, you!” I’m singing with you! Love, Bobby B,” typed 56-year-old Sandler. Adam’s reaction was shared by Earthgang on their social media platforms as a way to acknowledge the legend’s support. With a caption that read, “From The Waterboy himself @adamsandler,” the photo was shared. You still haven’t seen the ‘BOBBY BOUCHER’ video? opens a whoop a** 48 pack-can.

The Atlanta group’s WowGr8 posted a lengthy letter on Instagram to express his joy about Sandler’s approval.

This is one of the nicest things that might happen for this video, holy sh*t, holy sh*t, holy sh*t! “The EarthGang “Bobby Boucher” video is now available!” He started to caption. I’m shocked Adam Sandler noticed this. For the treatment and production of this video, I closely observed him. CALEB deserves praise for his direction! You are aware that I wrote the treatment if you visit @freegraffiti1. I can’t believe this, move with intention, blah blah!!! A BIG THANK YOU TO @avatarbenji FOR HIS AMAZING WORK AND HIS AMAZING HOOK. BENI WOULD NOT HAVE Created This Song.

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