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VIDEO: Ice Spice – Deli


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Ice Spice’s newest hit, “Deli,” is keeping her hot all summer long. The song, which is named after the New York City institution, debuted last Friday (July 21) on her Like..? (Deluxe) EP. Today (July 26), she rewards fans with the lively music video that goes along with the song. It was co-directed by George Buford, Frederick Buford, and Ice Spice. View the most recent release above.

Her hometown’s dependable late-night corner stores are honored in the just released video. The Bronx spitter is accompanied by her dancer gang as she strolls through the aisles of her neighborhood deli. Ice is greeted by a crowd of admirers as she exits the building, and they all join her for a celebration on the sidewalk.

She performs over a bass-heavy instrumental on the song that was created by RIOT, a frequent collaborator. I’m still shaking my a** in a deli with my b**ch dying, but she’s a baddie, showing her panty. She shakes it like jelly, listening to hunnid bands in Chanely. “I just want the fetty,” she raps. “He like him a wetty, he want the WAP.

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