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VIDEO: Polo G – Barely Holdin’ On


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The poignant new music video for “Barely Holdin’ On” by Polo G was released on Friday, August 18. The new Arrad-directed visuals for the Chicago artist convey a tale of suffering and success.

With a focus on their personal stories, the video takes viewers through the lives of Diana, Bobbi, Willie, and Deon. The quintet is depicted in “Barely Holdin’ On” battling their own problems but ultimately overcoming them with tenacity. Addiction battles, gun violence, and a patient awaiting a new heart and liver are some of the challenges.

The new song from Polo not only serves as the soundtrack for the video but also depicts the artist’s struggle to make sense of his own suffering. His childhood friend TGucci is mentioned in the opening line, remembering the day on September 18, 2014, when he was shot and killed in a drive-by. G offers his sympathies to individuals who have lost a loved one to gun violence and to those who are suffering in silence, like the subjects of his video.

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