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Wizkid, Linda Ikeji in dirty social media war


Wizkid, Linda Ikeji in dirty social media war

A prominent gossip blogger, Linda Ikeji, and an Afrobeat musician, Wizkid, have been engaged in a vicious social media feud since the weekend.

A few months ago, the blogger said that Wizkid’s rent in his Lekki domicile had expired and that the artist was threatened with eviction. On Sunday, the conflict, which had previously consisted of merely shade-throwing, took a new turn.

The musician shot back by making some choice comments on the blogger’s Instagram page. Wizkid also boasted about his accomplishments at the age of 25, while criticizing Ikeji for her lack of success at the same age.

The blogger not only deleted the comments and allegedly blocked the musician’s admirers from commenting on her Instagram page, but she also published an article on her blog denying the musician’s claim of a crazy affair between herself and the musician’s director.

In addition, she mentioned that the musician was renting a Porsche.

But that was not the last as Wizkid came back to brag about his “foundation” aiming at sending “1000 youngsters to school”.

Several fans of both media figures have taken sides in the battle, which they see as a kind of cyberbullying and counterbullying.

Many internet users have come to the conclusion that neither side can be used as an example of maturity in light of the ongoing social media conflict between the two of them.

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