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ALBUM: Kelly Clarkson – chemistry (Deluxe)


Download Kelly Clarkson – chemistry (Deluxe) Album

American singer-songwriter and writer Kelly Clarkson has released a new album project titled, ‘chemistry (Deluxe)’.

Kelly Clarkson – chemistry (Deluxe) Album Track list

  1. ​​skip this part
  2. ​​mine
  3. ​​high road
  4. ​me
  5. ​​down to you
  6. ​​chemistry
  7. ​​favorite kind of high
  8. ​​magic
  9. ​​lighthouse
  10. ​​rock hudson
  11. ​​my mistake
  12. ​​red flag collector
  13. ​​i hate love ft. Steve Martin
  14. ​​that’s right ft. Sheila E.
  15. i won’t give up
  16. did you know
  17. you don’t make me cry ft. River Rose
  18. goodbye
  19. roses
  20. mine (Live From The Belasco)
  21. favorite kind of high (David Guetta Remix)
  22. mine (Ty Sunderland Remix)


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