Home Entertainment #BBNaija: Frodd Wins Ultimate Veto Power Challenge

#BBNaija: Frodd Wins Ultimate Veto Power Challenge


It is understandable that the BBNaija housemates can sometimes get very relaxed in the house and this is not surprising seeing as time is all they have.

However, the BBNaija show organisers have introduced another twist to the game. The new twist is called the ultimate veto power challenge and the housemates played it every day for a week.

Biggie did not initially reveal to the housemates what the privilege the ultimate veto power holder will wield but the housemates are sure that it is a juicy reward.

The challenge involved a picture inside a locked red box that Biggie handed to the housemates to keep a close eye on. The contestants had been made to pick photos every day of the past week and the person with a photo matching the one in the box wins the challenge.

Interestingly, Frodd won the veto challenge after one of his photos matched the one in the red box.


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