Home Entertainment Biggie Pranks Cross With a Fake Pizza (Video)

Biggie Pranks Cross With a Fake Pizza (Video)


BBNaija All Stars Housemate Cross found himself at the center of a playful prank orchestrated by Biggie.

Known for his unpredictable surprises, Biggie left Cross both amused and disappointed when he gifted him a seemingly delicious packaged pizza following the Housemate of the Week (HOH) challenge on Monday.

Biggie Pranks Cross With a Fake Pizza (Video)

Elation radiated from Cross as he eagerly anticipated indulging in his favorite food, the beloved pizza.

The anticipation, however, quickly turned to dismay as he unveiled the contents of the package, only to discover that what appeared to be a delectable pizza was in fact nothing more than a cleverly printed imitation.

In an instant, Cross’s joy turned to disbelief, and he couldn’t help but voice his disappointment. “Common! They shouldn’t play like this now, Pizza that’s actually my favourite food in the whole world.
But I actually won the ‘black card’”. he said.

The playful scene didn’t go unnoticed by his fellow housemates, as Doyin and Kim Oprah erupted into fits of laughter upon witnessing Cross’s reaction.

See below;


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