Brown Eyed Girls – RE_vive (Album Download)

Download Brown Eyed Girls – RE_vive (Album Download)

브라운아이드걸스 – RE_vive
Release Date: 2019.10.28
Genre: Ballad, Dance, Blue
Language: Korean
Bit Rate: MP3-320kbps

Track List:

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01. 결국 흔해 빠진 사랑얘기 (A Common Love Story)
02. 내가 날 버린 이유 (Abandoned) *Title
03. 원더우먼 (Wonder Woman) *Title
04. 애수 (Sorrow)
05. 미소를 띄우며 나를 보낸 그 모습처럼 (Goodbye with a Smile)
06. 사랑밖엔 난 몰라 (Love Only)
07. 사랑은 봄비처럼 이별은 겨울비처럼 (Love Like a Spring Rain, Farewell Like a Winter Rain)
08. 하늘 (The Sky)
09. 초대 (Feat. 엄정화) (Invitation)
10. 편지 (The Letter)

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