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Fire and Ice Tuesday 12 November 2019 Update Zee World

Fire and Ice 12 November 2019 Update begins when Twinkle says same voice? Kunj says yes, watchman told same voice, Babee is not wrong to doubt Anita, Anita was tensed when i went there, blood was dripping from her hands. Twinkle says son is on run and she is doing crimes, we have to catch them, i have plan.

Yuvi is driving car. He sees police checkpost and stops car. Simple says dont be scared, you go, they cant do anything to me. She hugs him tightly implying they are making out. Yuvi passesby checkpost, policeman says these days girls are ahead of guys, they are flirting in open. Simple moves away from Yuvi and says dont flirt with me, i was doing this as acting.

Yuvi says i know, i have to say i never saw girl like you, are you crazy and carefree. Simple says i am trying to tell my family that i am cool, they were trying to marry me with ice-cream maker so i ranaway from marriage.

Yuvi says they must be finding you, she says yes, they are calling me, Yuvi says you could lie to them like you love someone else, she says its good idea, i will tell them this now. She says i am Simple kaur, you? yuvi murmurs her name is only Simple while she is complicated. He says i am Yuvraj Luthra, she says nice to meet you, Yuvi says strange but same here.

Anita says thank God Kunj didnt doubt me, before i get caught in this case, i should erase all proofs. She puts clothes in garbage bag and says now i have to dump all this somewhere.

Simple gets her father’s call, he asks her to come home, she says i wont comeback home and marry that person, i dont love him so i cant marry him, he asks what? she says i love someone else and will marry him only, he asks his name? Simple asks Yuvi’s name again, he says Yuvraj Luthra, Simple says he is Yuvraj Luthra, he is really nice man, i will marry him only, he says what? she takes selfie with him and sends to her father, she says to her father that see how your son in law looks like, he says okay, she ends call.

Yuvi says what did you say? why did you involve me in all this? you could have taken my name but my photo? i am gone now, Simple says it happened and now we cant change it, Yuvi says this is all my fault, i shouldnt have put that deadbody in your car, then you wouldnt have comeback in my life and my life wouldnt go ringa ringa roses, you have given more stress than Kunj and Twinkle, i am going to die, control Yuvi.. Simple says what did you say? he says what? she says you said that you put deadbody in my car, she holds his collar and says you put me in jail?

Yuvi says let me explain, Yuvi runs away from there. Simple runs behind him and says i wont spare you. Kunj calls Anita as extortionist and says i know what you did, if you want your secret safe then bring 5lacs and put in dustbin near Guradvarah. he ends call. Kunj asks how you got idea of new sim card? Twinkle says when we are playing with Anita then we have to be careful, now see how Anita reacts.

Fire and Ice 12 November 2019 Update on Zee World
Anita says whoever it is, he knows everything, he is blackmailing me but i have to give money to keep his mouth shut. Kunj and Twinkle are hiding behind Guradvarah, waiting for Anita. Twinkle prays for Anita to come. They see Anita coming there with bag of money. Twinkle asks Kunj to record everything she is doing. Kunj puts phone on video recording. Anita comes to Guradvarah and puts bag of money near bin, Anita leaves.

Simple points gun at Yuvi, she asks him to put hands up, he says you have gun too? she makes him sit in car, she says now i will take you, Yuvi says what a girl. Simple laughs and says there are no bullets in this gun, she says point is you are going to police station with me, there will you tell that i have nothing to do with that deadbody, i have nothing to do with murder and you had put that deadbody in my car. You look weird, you must have killed her brutally. Yuvi says trust me, i didnt kill her.

Twinkle and Kunj comes to police station, Twinkle says to inspector that trust us, watchman gave us address of Pallavi’s maid, lets go there. Kunj says in video Anita is shown putting money there, come with us, inspector asks policeman to go with them.

Twinkle and Kunj goes to Shanta’s house. They see its locked, one man says no one lives here. Kunj says to inspector that Shanta lives here. Inspector says enough of your drama, you are wasting our time, he arrests them.

Simple brings yuvi to police station and says now you will tell truth to them, i will br free and you will be caught. Simple sees her father there. Father says to policeman that how dare you put my daughter in law? Yuvi says lets meet him, she says no, she drags him from there while Twinkle and Kunj are brought there, they dont see each other. Simple’s father says i wont spare you, where is my daughter? he says we have freed her. father leaves. Inspector says now i wont spare you both,

Simple is driving car and says to Yuvi that grand father had to come. Yuvi is tied to car seat, she says i will take revenge from you Luthra, Yuvi says stop the car, please i wont run, she stops car.

Yuvi says look i know you dont trust me and i did wrong by putting dead body in your car, i had no other option, i have hurt people and i regret it but this time i am innocent, if you hand me to police then i wont be able to find truth, please let me call my friends, once i find truth then everything will be fine, please once, please. Simple says okay, she gives him phone, he thanks her.

Twinkle says to Kunj that where did that maid go? Kunj says we saw Anita aunty, we saw her there, police doesnt have proofs against her, family must be tensed.

In Sarna house, all see in Tv, Inspector says to media and that Rocky and Twinkle are suspect in Pallavi’s murder, dont know if Anita will allow to live us peacefully.
One policeman says to Kunj that one selfie please. Twinkle says let us call once. He gives his phone, Twinkle calls Leela and says keep an eye on Anita and tells us if you find anything suspicious, call me on this number, she ends call.

Twinkle and Kunj are spending time in jail, Twinkle says only God can save us. Yuvi calls Twinkle, inspector takes it and says we have arrested twinkle, she tried to frame us by telling some Anita is behind all murder, they will remain in jail now. he ends call, Yuvi says this blo*dy Kunj.

Its night, Kunj says to Twinkle that everything will be fine. Yuvi comes there disguised as reporter, he says to inspector that you have arrested a celebrity, simple is with him as camerman, she takes his photo, Yuvi says we want to take Rocky’s interview. Inspector says but permission, Simple says dont miff us, we can make breaking new, he allows them.

Yuvi and Simple are brought to room. Kunj and Twinkle are brought there, Simple asks policeman to leave, he leaves. Yuvi mixes something in water and offers it to Twinkle and Kunj, they take it and drink, both falls unconscious.

Yuvi smirks and takes off this turban, Kunj with blurry eyes sees that its Yuvi. Simple says where to get them out from? Yuvi says from window. Simple holds Twinkle while Yuvi holds Kunj. bottle falls from table, officer from outside asks what happened? Simple says nothing. Inspector comes there and asks Rocky to open door, he says dont take law in your hands. Open door. Policemen start breaking door. They come inside and sees Yuvi and Simple gone with Kunj and Twinkle. Inspector says it means they were pretending, find them.
Yuvi is driving car, he says to Simple that they are nice people, they will order us to bring them back to police station so we should tie their hands. Simple says they are you friends,

you will tie them? Yuvi says you tied me too, Simple says you were not my friend, Yuvi says but i am now. Kunj wakes up and says Yuvi to made us runaway from jail? you will remain criminal, Simple says you boxer, we made you get free from jail, Yuvi was thinking to leave you there but i brought you for Twinkle, Twinkle says Yuvi you did wrong, take us back, Kunj says first you made us get trapped and now you made us runaway from jail? take us back, Simple says they are mad. Yuvi says you are not understanding, i cant take you back, they will jail you for long time. Kunj and Twinkle asks to stop car, they fight with Yuvi. Simple hits Kunj and Twinkle on head, they fall unconscious, Yuvi says why did you hit her? Simple says atleast now its silent.

Its morning, Twinkle and Kunj wakes up, they are tied to jeep. Twinkle asks Yuvi to free them, police will doubt us more now. Yuvi asks why did you take Anita’s name? Twinkle tells him how Anita got afraid and left money when she was blackmailed. Yuvi says you are right, Simple says you both seem good friends, Yuvi says its complicated, he says to Kunj that i have to talk to mom. Simple says but there is police there, we had to do so much to get away from them, Twinkle says what are you? Yuvi says we can go through jungle, Simple smiles at him.
Yuvi goes to meet Anita. Kunj sees police nearby and says this is good chance, we should surrender, Simple says are you crazy? after all the difficulty of freeing you, you want go back, shut up.
Yuvi comes to Anita’s house. He sees blooded towel in her hands, she says i took it from your room, Yuvi says you thought that i killed Pallavi? i used this towel when Pallavi was murdered, i used this towel to clean the blood, i didnt kill her. Anita says thank God you are not involved in this, someone is trying to trap us, i got ransom call too. Kunj and Twinkle comes there, he says sorry Aunty, we listened everything. Twinkle says Yuvi if you told us everything then this wouldnt have happened, Kunj says Yuvi murder happened, your mother had been under doubt, we are running away from police, this is all because of your stupidity, Simple says mistake happens by people only, Luthra is feeling already guilty, Kunj asks Yuvi to tell from start. Yuvi says i saw maid Shanta running away from Pallavi’s house but dont know where she went, Twinkle says she is missing from her house too. Simple says include me in your gang, it will be fun, Yuvi says ofcourse you are included in this gang, this tashan-e-adventure is incomplete without you, they smile at each other, all notice it and raise their eyebrows.

Kunj and Twinkle comes to Shanta’s house. One man says that i listened them fighting yesterday, i was drunk yesterday thats why i told you that they dont live here yesterday.
Kunj, Yuvi, Twinkle and Simple comes to bar. Yuvi says watchman told me that Shanta’s husband is usually here. Kunj says we should call police, Yuvi says you want us all go to jail? Simple says dont argue with Yuvi, he is smart. Yuvi says i think Shanta and her husband have killed Pallavi because Pallavi’s jewelry was not found from her house too and police didnt make robbery case, they are missing from scene too. I and Simple will go inside to meet Shanta’s husband, you and Twinkle wait here, Kunj says okay, we are here. Yuvi and Simple goes inside.
Yuvi says to people in bar that i will pay for wine today, my girlfriend(Simple) has agreed for marriage. One drunkard asks if he is friend of Raghu? Yuvi asks who Raghu? drunkard says Raghu treated it with wine, he said that he got lots of money, Yuvi asks who is Raghu? Kunj says to Twinkle that we always get in problem when we start new beginning. Twinkle says it gets solved too. Kunj sees Raghu going in bar and says it seems problem is bigger this time, he says this Raghu is Shanta’s husband? his demeanor is changed this time. Raghu comes in bar and says to Yuvi that why you are asking about me? Yuvi says so you are Raghu who with his wife killed Dr. Pallavi and took away her money. Raghu says you are threatening me at my den only? you will not go alive now. Raghu’s men grab Yuvi and Simple. Simple screams for Yuvi.

Yuvi is tensed, Yuvi says Raghu if i get saved then i wont spare you. Raghu is about to stab Yuvi with knife but Kunj comes and holds his hand, Yuvi says you are gone now. Raghu says Rocky? Kunj beats him. he says to Yuvi Chak de phate(lets turn the tables). they look at each other, Yuvi says lets do this, Kunj and Yuvi have fist bump. Yuvi and Kunj starts beating Raghu’s goons there. Simple is fighting too, someone is about to hit her with chair, she screams, Yuvi grabs chair and beats goon, Simple says wow my hero, beat them, Yuvi says anytime. Kunj beats Raghu and asks him to tell truth, Raghu says forgive me i killed Pallavi, all are stunned.

Yuvi and Kunj beat goons, Raghu says forgive me, i killed Pallavi and Shanta told me that she had lots on jewelry thats why we killed her and we stole bag from Ghanta ghar. Police comes and arrests Raghu. Inspector thanks Twinkle for calling them, they find jewelry in one bag, Yuvi says its Pallavi’s jewelry, Kunj says its same bag which Anita left outside Ghanta ghar. Police takes Raghu away. Yuvi stares Twinkle. Twinkle says dont stare, like you have way, i have way too to handle situation.
Simple, Yuvi, Twinkle and Kunj are together, Yuvi says thank God everything is sorted, Simple says i had really good time with you, Yuvi says if you werent with me dont know what would have happened, Kunj coughs.

Yuvi says i mean i didnt know what would have happened without you, she says really? he nods and says lets go home, Simple says home? Yuvi says no problem, you all can stay at my house, all say my house? Yuvi says our animosity is of years, lets start afresh and end it, Twinkle says our mothers will never accept each other, Kunj says Yuvi is right, we can start with ourselves, Simple says you are enemies? you people were fighting for each other, Yuvi says its complicated and its fun to start new relations, lets celebrate. Yuvi and Simple talks and laughs. Kunj says to Twinkle that Yuvi really changed this time.
Some Punjabis are dancing outside Yuvi’s house. They come out, Yuvi says who are they? Simple says they are my family. Simple’s grand father says to yuvi that your pair is good, Simple’s mother says we liked son in law’s photo, you are good looking. Kunj and Twinlle are confused, grand father says lets ge them married, Yuvi is stunned, grand father says if you ditch and dont marry then I.. Anita comes there and says he is marrying your daughter? Twinkle says aunty they are guests, say them hello. She whispers to Anita that dont say anything, your son’s life is in danger, just do what i am saying, she asks Leela to take guests to her house, Leela says i will handle everyone, she takes Simple’s family to her house. Yuvi looks on.

Simple says to Leela and Twinkle that i have done all this, i shouldnt have sent Yuvi’s photo to my family, i am sorry, you are caught because of me, Yuvi puts hand on her mouth and says its not anyone’s fault, dont cry.
Simple’s family are at Sarna house, grand father asks who is coming from groom’s side to talk about marriage? Babee says his mother will come, have tea, he says we will drink anything after talking with her. Simple’s family talk about cutting someone’s ear and hair. Babee gets scared and asks Manohar to call Twinkle before they do anything with her.
Yuvi asks Simple to not cry, he says lets drink water, you will fee better, he leaves with her. Leela says thank God atleast he stopped stalking my daughter, Anita says seriously he was crazy behind Twinkle, but Simple and Yuvi are good match, funky and full of life, Twinkle says we have to unite them but first you both end animosity, Kunj ask them to shake hands, Anita says if i have shake hands with my enemy for my son then i am ready, Leela says if Twinkle gets peace and happiness by this then i am ready, they shake hands. Kunj says great, now listen my plan.
Grand father asks where is Simple? Babee says she is inside room, she is shy as its about her wedding, one family member brings out dagger and says i will bring her, Babee says why you show dagger all the time, calm down, grand father asks where is Twinkle?

Anita asks Yuvi if Simple is okay? he says she is tensed, she sent my photo by mistake but dont be angry with her, Anita says i didnt say anything, i like her, Yuvi says this is first time you have liked one girl. Twinkle says now you got mother’s approval too, you like her right? Yuvi says yes, i mean she doesnt think before speaking, she is blunt, Twinkle says she is brave too, she took your side in all this, Yuvi says yes, she is street smart too, Twinkle says i can see you like her a lot, Yuvi says are you mad? she is crazy, i mean she is not girl, she is lady dabang, she carries gun but doesnt have bullets in it, one fool can like her. Anita says she seems special. Twinkle smirks. Yuvi says me and Simple like each other? are you crazy? Twinkle says you both met only now but you care for each other.
Leela says to Simple that Twinkle told me how brave you are, you need guy who is strong and can protect you, Yuvi is best, Kunj says you both have developed trust, its big thing, Simple says i mean yuvi is nice guy, he helped me a lot but that doesnt mean we should get married.
Twinkle says to Yuvi that Simple didnt take your name infront of her family, because she didnt want you to get him in trouble, Yuvi says i was just helping her, Twinkle says you
Leela comes to Sarna house. Leela says Simple, Yuvi, Kunj and Twinkle have gone to Guradvarah, marriages shouldnt happen without blessing of God. Simple’s family is elated to hear it.

Yuvi says to Twinkle and Anita she is good, we like each others company but that doesnt mean i love her. Twinkle says to Yuvi that everyone has to get settled in life, Yuvi says you are saying this because you are afraid that if i dont find another girl then i will start stalking you again and will be behind you but i am done with you, not happening, Twinkle says dont get angry, you are sweet, you are my friend, you helped me so much, so i want you to be happy and i feel Simple is perfect for you, made for each other, Anita says she is perfect for you, Yuvi says she is nice but that doesnt we can spend whole life together, thats not possible.

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