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King of hearts Monday 2 December 2019 Update Zee World

King of hearts Monday 2 December 2019 Update Zee World

Roshni is helping to decorate the house for the engagement. Simran tells her that it’s a good thing she’s performing the duties of a daughter-in-law in the house, unlike the Khurana house. Mittul joins them and asks Simran who Sid’s first wife was?

Simran doesn’t respond. Mittul tells her not to throw Anya out like she must have done the first wife! Roshni says Simran is a loving Mother-in-law and couldn’t have done such a thing! Simran is stunned at the compliments Roshni gave her. Mittul says she doesn’t understand why Ragini got upset as though Simran was her own Mother. Sid overhears and has tears in his eyes.Anya is at the hospital with Arav. Sid is outside the room, keeping watch. Anya begs Arav to come back to her. Arav is still unconscious.


Sid rushes in to tell her that they have to leave.At home, Naina asks for Anya and Sid. They walk in. Naina tells them that a jeweller has arrived to see them. He is from DD’s Shop. He greets Roshni and Sid with familiarity. Naina asks if he knows them? He says he knows them very well. Kesar comes in and gives him a hug then he whispers to him not to say anything about Sid and Roshni. The Sari merchant also arrives. Kesar tells Neel to choose a Sari for Ragini.

Sid and Ragini both reach for the same red Sari, with Sid saying it would suit Ragini. Mittul says it seems they have the same choice. Neel picks another colour for Ragini. Sid says he thinks the red colour would suit her better. Neel suggests they ask Ragini. Roshni tells them to focus on Anya instead since she’s the one getting married. She picks another red Sari and tells Sid that it would look good on Anya. Sid drapes it over Anya’s head and says Roshni is right as Anya looks like the world’s most beautiful bride. Roshni doesn’t look happy at hearing those words.

She excuses herself and leaves the room.Neel takes a cream coloured Sari to her and she gets upset thinking it’s Sid. Neel says they can change it if she doesn’t like it. She thanks him and says she likes it. He leaves the room and shortly after, Roshni feels someone behind her again. Sid asks if she has really changed or she’s trying to prove a point? Roshni says she has changed and she will never leave Neel! She takes the Sari and says Neel’s choice is her choice.

Sid leaves the room.Roshni is in the Kitchen, cooking and thinking of the issue with the Sari. Mittul sneaks into the Kitchen when Roshni is not looking and she puts the napkin on the burning stove. It catches on fire and Roshni screams for help. Sid and Neel hear her scream. Roshni is choking in the Kitchen. Both Men force the door open and stretch their hands towards her. Roshni is unable to see due to the thick smoke but she grabs Sid’s hand and leaves Neel hanging.

Sid takes her to the living room. The other family members come to see what’s going on. Sid helps Roshni to her feet and she pulls her hand away from him. Neel gives her a hug and takes her to her room. Neel searches the drawers for an ointment for Roshni’s burn but he doesn’t find any in the room. He gets upset and goes out to look around the house. Roshni looks at her burns. Sid takes her hand and applies the ointment. He asks why she chose his hand when both of them tried to help her?

She doesn’t respond. He says it’s because she still wants to be with him. Roshni says she thinks he started the fire just to see whose hand she will take. He asks how she can say such a thing?She says that’s what she thinks. He asks how she thinks he can put her in danger just to prove a point! He walks out in anger and she breaks down in tears.Anya comes to the room to tend to Sid’s burns.

She says he risked his life for Roshni but Roshni hasn’t even bothered to see how he’s doing. She asks why he can love such a person? Sid returns to the living room and asks what he can do to help with the preparations for the engagement Ceremony? Naina tells him he should be resting. Neel suggests that they postpone the engagement. Sid tries not to show his joy. Roshni suddenly appears and says she doesn’t want them to postpone it because of her. She gets dizzy and tells Neel to take her to her room. Neel carries her away.

Anya tells Sid that she doesn’t know what Roshni’s game plan is. Sid says he’s the master at games and he will find out what Roshni’s true intentions are later at night.

At night, guests have arrived for the engagement. Sid welcomes them all and says everyone is supposed to believe in destiny but some don’t care for it and destiny chooses our life partners for us; sometimes we choose that one person and give them our all, like Romeo and Juliet, Siddharth and… Anya. He tells the guests that he wants to introduce them to someone very special. He walks over to Anya. Roshni is standing beside Anya. He takes Roshni’s hand. Naina asks what he’s doing?

Neel says he has had enough of the drama! Sid takes Roshni to the centre of the room and she pulls her hand away. He offers her an engagement ring. Neel asks him what he’s doing? Sid says he was just talking about destiny. He introduces Neel to the crowd and says it would be unfair if Anya gets married before her older brother, so he and Anya decided that they won’t get engaged till Neel and Ragini have done it first. Neel gets upset and accuses Sid of being drunk! Sid says he’s not drunk.

Sid challenges Roshni with his eyes. Roshni tells Neel that Sid is right and she thinks they should get engaged. She asks Sid for the ring and he gives it to her as he fights his tears. Roshni slips the rings on Neel’s finger right in front of Sid. Sid congratulates them. Simran says it’s Anya and Sid’s turn. She gives Anya the ring to put on Sid’s finger. The lights go off. They both wear the rings by themselves. The lights come on and Sid says they already have the rings on.

Simran sees Raj drinking late at night. She asks what he’s doing? Raj says he has started seeing her true colour, she got Anya engaged to Sid just for her own happiness. Simran says Sid was unhappy with Roshni. Raj says Sid was happy to see Roshni again but Simran ruined it. Simran says she’s Ragini now and she has no place in Sid’s life! She leaves for bed in anger. Raj tells himself that he can’t see his son choose to ruin his life any longer and no matter what, he would unite Sid and Roshni.Sid sees Roshni along the corridor and offers her a sweet.

He sees tears in her eyes and asks why she’s crying when she got what she wanted? She says there was something not right with them together but now she’s with Neel, she will be happy. She says goodnight and walks away. Sid asks himself how he’s going to be able to make Roshni realise that a relationship based on love is not bad?

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