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King of hearts update Sunday 1 December 2019 Zee World Update


Sid goes to meet Anya in the room and gives her an Apple to eat. She asks if he has eaten? He says he’s actually fasting and it’s for Roshni, hoping it will help them get back together. Anya says she wants to also fast for Arav.

She begs him to take her to the hospital to see him.At night, they get to the hospital and Anya is dressed as a nurse. Arav’s Parents are seated outside his room, so Sid decides to cause a distraction. He rolls up a piece of paper and throws at a nurse standing nearby. She turns around and doesn’t see who did it so she carries on with her work.

Sid throws paper at her 2 more times. She accuses Anya’s father of throwing the paper rolls at her! He says he didn’t do anything and his wife defends him. They cause a commotion and Sid is able to sneak Anya into Arav’s room.Neel brings Naina to the same hospital.

Anya meets Arav still in a coma and hooked to machines. She begs him to wake up and she says she didn’t know he was in the hospital all the while, she thought he abandoned her. She places his hand on her stomach and tells him she’s pregnant. She tells him that she fasted for him and knows he will get better soon.

Sid is getting anxious as he waits for her to come out.Neel and Anya hear the commotion caused by the nurse and Arav’s Parents. Neel says he wants to go and see. Anya gets a glass of water and puts it in Neel’s hand then she drinks from it. Neel walks by the room and sees Anya but she has her back turned. He decides to talk to her since the other nurses are busy.

As he enters the room, Naina calls his name. Anya and Sid freeze when they hear the name. Naina tells Neel to come with her to see the nurse. He follows her. Anya goes back to Sid and they leave the hospital.At night, a Priest comes to the house to perform the Ceremony of breaking the fast. Sid pours something into the fire and there is thick smoke everywhere.

As everyone is coughing and trying to see, Sid offers Roshni water and she drinks without seeing his face. She is shocked when she sees Neel coming down with water for her. She watches Sid give Anya water and she gets even more confused. Neel gives her water and she drinks.

Mittul says the husband now has to apply vermilion on his wife’s forehead but Roshni and Neel cannot participate since they are not married. Sid doesn’t know what to do. Naina tells Mittul that she has never heard of the tradition. Mittul tells herself that she will catch Sid at his game!

She offers him Vermillion. Sid sees the fan blowing and puts the tray of vermillion in front of it. The room is covered with the powder, blurring everyone’s vision. Anya quickly rubs vermillion on her forehead by herself. When everything calms down, they all look to see vermillion on Roshni’s forehead.

She runs to the room to look in the mirror. Sid appears behind her and gives her a handkerchief to wipe it off. She looks like she’s about to cry. He wipes it off for her and says he didn’t know how it happened but it won’t happen again. When he leaves the room, she starts crying.

Anya gets good news from the hospital and gives Sid a hug, telling him she’s so happy. Roshni walks in and sees them. She is not happy at seeing them together. She leaves the room. Anya tells Sid that she got news from the hospital that Arav is getting better.

He tells her that her love will fight for him. Roshni goes to return Naina’s jewelry to her. Naina tells her to keep them. Mittul enters the room and brings up the issue of the Vermillion that landed on Roshni’s forehead. Neel walks in and tells her to stop bringing it up! Roshni says she wants to go to the hotel to bring the rest of her things. Neel offers to take her.

Sid is preparing to go to sleep by laying his duvet on the floor. Anya offers to get him a mattress from the store to sleep on. They got to the store and Sid tells Anya to go and get a duster. When she leaves, he hears a sound and he thinks she has returned.

He starts talking about being tired of the lie and says he doesn’t know what to do when her Mum finds out that they are not really married. He turns and sees Naina. She gives him a slap and runs into the house. She calls for Neel! Neels is out with Roshni, pushing her on a swing as she thinks of her Mother. Anya and Sid follow Naina to her room.

She accuses them of betraying her! Mittul puts her ear against the door to eavesdrop. Naina orders Sid out of her room! He begs for a chance to explain. Anya says she and Sid are not in love and she wanted to tell her but didn’t want it to affect her health. Sid tells her that Anya tried to end her life and Naina needs to trust her. Anya begs for forgiveness. Naina says Neel would be devastated when he hears. Anya begs her not to tell him. Naina tells them to just leave as she doesn’t want to see their faces!

In the morning, Neel asks for his Mother. Mittul tells her that Sid and Anya were fighting at night and Naina cried the entire night. Sid and Anya enter the living room. Simran strolls in and says she has come to join them for breakfast. Naina also walks in and says she invited Simran because Neel and Ragini are taking too long to get married so they have both decided to move Sid and Anya’s engagement to take place tonight and in two weeks they would be married.

Sid tries to protest. Neel asks why it’s a big deal since they are already married? Simran says they want to do it the traditional way. She asks Roshni for her opinion? Roshni hesitates but says it’s a good idea and she would even help with the arrangements. Her voice is shaky as she speaks.

She takes Anya and Sid’s hands and joins them together, then says she hopes they have a happy, married life. Naina gives Roshni the guest list and tells her that she arranged for the jewelry maker and the sari vendor to come to the house.

Roshni tells her to rest and she will take care of everything.As Roshni is leaving the room, Sid and Anya walk in. Anya tries to talk to her Mother but Naina is still very upset. She says she doesn’t want any of her Children to go through the heartbreak Neel went through and she would rather die! Sid pleads with her. Naina tells him to promise to agree to the engagement and wedding. Sid asks himself why Roshni wouldn’t just stop the whole thing?


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