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Lil Maru – 24 Bars


Download Lil Maru – 24 B犀利士
ars Mp3

Lil Maru – 24 Bars Mp3 Download; Lil Maru has just released a brand new impressive single dubbed “24 Bars“, and the song is available on all streaming platforms.

The new entry, 24 Bars Mp3 is an impressive song you all would love to listen & Enjoy.

In addition, On this entertaining single ‘24 Bars’ Lil Maru lets the world know that thier is still a good musical flow within, from start to finish.

Lastly, Midevibez does not own the song or contents in it and doesn’t hope to do so, if you are the copyright owner please contact Us Here at Midevibez, There’s no need for a copyright strike.

You can listen & enjoy 24 Bars Mp3 by Lil Maru Below:-


Lil Maru – 24 Bars Lyrics

Run that shit up Robbie

Mama tryna stop the way I’m livin’
When they came through with that [?]
I done broke my mama heart and tried to fix it
Strugglin’, we payin’ the bills like shit “We livin’.”
I was really in the streets hoe hustlin’
Tryin’ to make the ends meet, mo’ money
I was really in the heat, so bummy
Aye, aye, they can’t tell me I ain’t do it, ’cause I really did
Havin’ dreams of all my nightmares, feelin’ like a kid
I never really meant for it to go like this
R.I.P. my big cuz man, long live Chris
All these other wack rappers ain’t built like this
I swear to God it wasn’t supposed to be like this
Man-made, baby I came up from the bottom
Said she like a ghetto boy, she lookin’ like a model
And I never found my answers at the bottom of a bottle
Lot these niggas fakes, if he trippin’ we gon’ squabble
Got a nigga preachin’, got a nigga singin’ gospel, leave your mama with no child, that’s the end of a novel
I remember back then I ain’t have no clothes
I was tryna hustle, tryna get to the dough
Rovers on my homies, yeah to close all the doors
I was tryna get it, tryna get it on my phone


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