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Made For Each Other Monday Update 18 November 2019


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Made For Each Other Monday Update 18 November 2019

Prerna answering Mohini. She says I m tired, I will go to my husband’s room and rest. She sees Anurag. Ishq ki baajiyaan……plays…. She goes upstairs and thinks of her moments of Anurag. She sees his pic and says you cheated me, I will be at peace when you suffer in same pain. Anurag thinks I have hurt her a lot, she shouldn’t suffer more. Komolika asks will you do something of her, I m fed up of her, your tolerance level maybe good, sorry, I can’t. Anurag thinks I have to convince Komolika that I m with her. He says its my mistake to marry Prerna. Mohini says I know what your mistake is.

She says Komolika, you are our bahu, you will be known as Anurag’s wife, give me some time, I will find a permanent solution to this problem. Prerna

sees the kerchief and recalls Anurag. She burns it and says everything was a lie, you have hurt me a lot, I will have to bear this all life, what will you understand, I had made a mistake by narrating the love story of thorn bird. Anurag thinks my story is also like thorn bird, I m dying so that my love is safe. She says you just killed my love, emotions, everything. He thinks you wanted me to love like a thornbird, you didn’t tell me that I have to bear this pain all my life, I will never get my love.
Suman says you didn’t do this right, Prerna married secretly, you left her, this is not love, its destruction. Shekhar says no, you did the right thing. Shivani says we are happy that our mum is with us, I m proud of your decision, you are giving courage and strength to Prerna. Veena says Prerna is alone, she needs our support, we have to stand by her. She asks Suman is she understanding, the society women will talk about her tomorrow, will she run, better learn something new. Shivani says I must prepare tea for you today. Shekhar says I will also have it.

Komolika comes to room. Prerna says come, I want to ask you something. Komolika says I m not interested. Prerna says I met you in Anurag and Mishka’s engagement, how did you come, it means you didn’t spare your sister, how cheap. Komolika says I came to get my jewellery. Prerna says tell my husband that I m waiting here, I thought you are arrogant and senseless. Komolika says you are fallen to low level. Prerna argues.


Anupam stops Anurag and asks for how long will you stay quiet, Prerna is your wife. Anurag says I don’t want to talk. Anupam says I want to talk, did you see her, she is trying to be strong, she is fighting for her rights, you will understand her pain, I know you both love each other so you married her, will you break your and Prerna’s dream to fulfill Komolika’s dream. Anurag says I don’t want to talk. Anupam says you will be hurt by seeing Prerna hurt, break this marriage with Komolika. Anurag says enough now.

Anupam says sorry, its your personal love, I want your love to remain love, not hatred, just go if you want to. Anurag says Prerna’s safety is imp than my happiness. Anupam shuts the door and asks what do you mean. Anurag says Komolika will go mad if I accept Prerna, everything is mortgaged with Komolika, she returned Prerna’s house papers but has the mortgage deed, I should have understood this when I signed the contract before engagement. FB shows Anurag asking what’s this, its written I can’t divorce you. Komolika says so what’s wrong, my dad wants this, he is getting his daughter married, he will be seeing security, if you have such a plan, I think any deal is imp.

Anurag asks where should I sign. She gives him a pen. She says I would like to run through the contract again, you can’t leave me after marriage, you can’t be with any other girl, if you end this marriage, I will have the right to call it off, you have to read the consequences and sign, everything should be clear between us, I will get Prerna’s house papers, come on sign. He signs the papers. FB ends. He says I signed the papers for our family, myself and Prerna, I had to surrender to Komolika, I had met a buy at our reception, he knew Komolika, he told me about her, I thought of an idea, when Komolika loves someone, she goes mad until the guy loves her, when the guy falls for her, she leaves the guy and forgets him, I have only this way, I have maintained distance from Komolika, but today I will go close to her that she will get irritated by that love, she will break this marriage, no matter how disgusted I feel, I have to do this, my victory and her failure are imp for our house and Prerna, she shouldn’t learn this thing at any cost.

Komolika says she is treating me like a servant, she ordered me to call Anurag, Prerna spoiled my dreams, I left my reception and took her to hospital, since Anurag has feelings for her, I respect that, why did Anurag talk of respecting his dad’s promise if he loves Prerna, I m much hurt. Nivedita says let Prerna do anything, mum must have thought of something. Mohini asks would you like to go on honeymoon like Anurag, make him yours before you return.

Mohini saying let Prerna stay without her husband, when Anurag and you come back from honeymoon, she will understand that she lost the battle. Komolika says I m impressed. Mohini says its necessary, I will find a way to convince Anurag. Komolika says I trust you, you will fix everything. Mohini asks Nivedita to handle Anupam.

Anupam falls down the bed and asks what happened. Nivedita says you were shouting that Anurag loves Prerna, when she said she is his wife, he didn’t say anything, why do you want to become a puppet. She beats him with cushions. She says you have no idea what we planned for Komolika. He says you have no idea what we planned for her. Nivedita asks who we, Prerna? He says you and I. She says in your dreams, I didn’t plan anything. Nivedita

comes to wake up Anurag. He asks Prerna. She says Prerna is fine, come, mum needs you. He rushes to Mohini and asks what happened. Mohini acts in front of him.
He says I will take you to doctor. She says doctor can heal physical pain, not mental pain, its not easy to end this tension. He says don’t worry. She says I had many dreams for your marriage, everything was so fast and then this problem, I could not even congratulate you, I should forget this, we must have joy in this house, I want you to go on a honeymoon with Komolika, just think how to get rid of this problem, Komolika is so worried, look at her. Anurag thinks this is right chance to get close to Komolika and work out my plan. Komolika thinks he will surely refuse. Mohini asks do you have any objection. He says no, I don’t have any objection, I got to know Prerna was never the right girl, I felt she is a nice girl, she is weak and needs help, it was her ploy to reach me, I know Komolika and my marriage has happened, whatever happened with Prerna was a mistake, it wasn’t a marriage, Komolika you are my wife. Mohini smiles. He says so yes, I have no objection. He holds Komolika’s hand and says I know that our wedding took place in a hurry, we didn’t get time to know each other, I want this honeymoon to be the best, I want to know, would you like to come on honeymoon with me. Komolika smiles and says yes. He says I will make all the arrangements. He goes.

Komolika says mom, did you just see this. Nivedita comes and gets happy. She hugs Komolika. Komolika says mom is a genius, he proposed me for a honeymoon, I can’t believe this, thanks mom. She hugs Mohini. Anurag thinks I will be defeating Komolika in her own game, its my turn now. Prerna collides with him. Ishq ki….plays…. He holds her in arms. They recall their moments and have an eyelock. Her thread mangalsutra gets stuck in his kurta button. He frees it and says done. She goes. He says what was I doing, if Komolika has seen me, she would have known that I have feelings for Prerna, I have to keep Prerna away. Prerna thinks how can I fall weak, he is my enemy and I can’t be friendly with him. Anupam asks are you going on honeymoon, wow, why are you smiling. Anurag hugs him and says this was the first step of my plan, I have a plan, I need time, I will tell you once its certain. Anupam asks him to be careful, Komolika may take advantage. Anurag says not anymore, its our turn now. Prerna comes to room.

Komolika asks are you shocked. Prerna says no, it was expected that you will copy me, what are you doing here. Komolika argues. She says Anurag and I are going on honeymoon, you did a lot, you tried every possible thing, you don’t consider me weak, I m not very weak, if he loves you, how did he get ready to celebrate wedding night with me, I have booked a hotel room and bed, we will be having fun. Prerna says best of luck for that, if you think you are going to create problems in our relation, you know… Komolika says your relation will be over, Anurag won’t return in your life. Prerna says go and finish the packing, enjoy. Komolika says you are cheap, your mum didn’t teach you not to get after someone’s husband. Prerna says its my right, you are cheap. They continue to argue. Komolika says a husband and a wife have a wedding night, Anurag and I are married. Prerna says your dream of nuptial night will be breaking, I won’t let this happen. Komolika says I never lose any challenge. Prerna says I always win. Komolika says if you win, I will bow down to you, deal. She goes.

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