Home Tv Series Made for each other Wednesday 4 December 2019 update

Made for each other Wednesday 4 December 2019 update

by Etz_Jayprinz
Made for each other Wednesday 4 December 2019 update

Made for each other Wednesday 4 December 2019 update

Made for each other Wednesday 4 December 2019 update

The Episode starts with Anurag and Komolika arguing. She asks him to stop it and be in her place to see that she isn’t wrong. He says maybe, okay fine, I m sorry, your head is aching right, I will make a strong coffee for you, trust me, you will feel better. He goes.


She gets angry. He thinks one day I will make you pay for your deeds, you ruined our lives because of your ego, that time I will ask you and you will answer me. Anurag comes and asks Prerna how is her foot now. She says bad news, I m fine. He asks her is she angry, what is she finding. She argues with him. He says you fight with me a lot. She says at least I don’t fake flirt with you. He gets the box. She says not this one, give that box, I found you cute before, now I know you, you are zero in my eyes. He recalls their moment.


He gets the flour box and drops it unknowingly. She laughs seeing him. He looks at her and smiles. She says I don’t care for your mood. He asks her not to provoke him. She makes fun of him and laughs. He asks her to wait and watch what he can do. He asks her not to laugh and takes the flour to throw at her. Maine khwabo mein…plays…. She also throws flour at him. He says enough.

They play with the flour. She gets the red chilli powder. He throws the box and asks are you mad, don’t you care if it falls on me, it will burn my eyes. She says I don’t care. He says you do care, you are lying, fine close your eyes. He gets close and cleans the flour from her face. Komolika says this is very romantic, its a decorated room and a beautiful wife, what can be more beautiful for Anurag, where did he go. She looks for him. He says you said you don’t care, I m zero, tell me.

Prerna turns to go. He says look into my eyes and say it, you don’t care. She says I have come here to take revenge on you, not to care for you. He hugs her. Anupam comes there and looks at them. He says love birds, get separated, else anyone can see. Anurag leaves Prerna. She goes.

Anupam smiles and comes to Anurag. He says I think you are playing holi with flour here, I will also play some, I m also enjoying the moment. Komolika bumps into Prerna and asks what’s all this, what did you apply, you have spoiled the house, are you coming from kitchen, now I get it, so you are doing this to get close to Anurag, you would have asked him to get flour box and then played with flour, isn’t this your cheap ideas, answer me.

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Prerna asks why shall I answer, you would have already made this story in mind, you should impress Anurag to win him, I can see that. Komolika says I know you want me and Anurag to fight. Prerna says what relation do you have, you both are staying in different rooms, everyone knows I m Anurag’s wife.

Komolika says I won’t come in your words, its good Anurag didn’t come in your trap, its good that he doesn’t regret that he sold your love for money, I m going to kitchen, he said he will get a coffee for me, I will go to him and hug him first, and then I will kiss him and then we will have coffee and talk, I have decorated the room romantically, then we will romance. She goes. She hears Anurag and Anupam talking in the kitchen.

Anurag says I m not upset with Prerna. She thinks Prerna isn’t imp to him. She smiles hearing him. Anurag says I m making coffee for Komolika. Anupam says I thought you are making this for Prerna to make her realize your love. Anurag says frankly speaking, my love for Prerna doesn’t hide. Komolika gets shocked.

Prerna gets freshen up. She thinks of Anurag and thinks his eyes has truth, like true love. Anupam says you hugged her after a long time. Anurag says I felt to keep her close always, I wish that she always stays in front of my eyes, I felt I should make Prerna away but I failed, my heartbeats… I can handle things, I learnt, but when she came close, I couldn’t control. Komolika gets angry hearing him.

Anurag says this time, my heart didn’t listen to anyone, I felt I lost all senses, we were so close, I m so angry. Anupam asks why. Anurag says that self obsessed woman, Komolika, I feel suffocated, I m looking for a chance, she will see my true side, she will know whom I love, who is my real wife. Komolika goes to her room and throws the things.

She says you can’t do this to me, you cheated me Anurag, you conspired against me, now you both will get trapped in your own plan, now we three will have a battle, I will win, you all have seen my magic, now they will see my attack.

Nurse asks Moloy to get up, his family needs him, they want to meet him. She says doctor told me to talk to you every day, you will get fine, Anurag loves you a lot. Moloy recalls Komolika and the accident. He moves his hand. Nurse looks on and checks him. He opens his eyes.

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