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Made for each other Tuesday 3 December 2019 update


Made for each other Tuesday 3 December 2019 update

The Episode starts with Veena saying we should have not left Prerna there, I m missing Rajesh a lot today. Shivani says if he was alive, he would have supported Prerna, Prerna knows you are always with her. Prerna calls Shivani. Veena takes the call. She asks where are you, we wanted to talk to you.

Prerna says I m feeling good to hear your voice. Veena asks how did you get free. Prerna says I will meet you and tell everything, I came here to teach a lesson to Komolika, I forgot to ask, did the guy like Shivani. Veena says yes, the guy liked Shivani, and even liked Shivani, everything is fine. Prerna asks are you fine with this relation. Shivani says yes, Aryan is a nice man. Veena says Shivani got shy and went there, we will talk later, take care.

She asks Shivani not to cry and not be scared of Ronit. Shivani says I hope this lie gives her happiness. Veena says I said truth, Aryan and you liked each other, I will meet Aryan’s parents, everything will be fine. Prerna passes by. Anurag stops her and says you are not doing right. She says you are not doing right, tell me why did you send my love for your business and money.

He thinks Komolika would have told this, Komolika helped me, why did this foolish girl come back. She catches his collar and asks why did you do this, tell me. He says I have an answer. She says then tell me. He says I did this, yes, I m not guilty, anyone else would have done this, Komolika, her dad, did you see their power, did you see our shares, the company got expanded, I took the right decision. She says fine, you did this for business, I will ruin it. She turns and falls down. He asks are you hurt. She says don’t touch me, its okay, thanks. He says let me check.


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