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Midwxst – broken Mp3 Download; Talented musician, Midwxst is back with another amazing track tagged “broken“.

The new hip-hop record, “broken Mp3” was filled with dope and amazing punchlines.

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Midevibez does not own the song or contents in it and doesn’t hope to do so, if you are the copyright owner please contact Midevibez. There’s no need for a copyright strike.

Listen & Enjoy broken Mp3 by Midwxst Below:-


broken Lyrics
Oh, woah, woah
My mic on?
Alright, bet

[Verse 1]
I’ve been sitting with my thoughts, I’ve been fighting these temptations
Tryna fill a hole in my heart ’cause it’s vacant
Too tired of waiting, I’m losing my patience
I know I’m guilty, bring me to the station
We had a bond and you broke it
It’s been real hard for me to try and focus
Don’t know how I should approach this
When I don’t want a chapter, when you wanna close it
It may have come to an end but just see through my lens
Just don’t throw away all the time that we spent
When we were together, you said forever
I’ve just been hoping that it gets better

But no, you broke me
But you don’t like how I’m coping
I hide, and don’t show up
All of my feeling, I’m hoping
Had secrets, we had
But you went around and you told them
My emotions are scattered, they’re broken
I can’t form a message, I’m choking

Oh, oh, oh
Oh, oh, oh
One, two, three, go

[Verse 2]
I’m watching all my fantasies and all my dreams
I watch ’em fading away in the distance
And I don’t talk a lot
No, I don’t open up
‘Cause I feel like no one will listen
Up late at night, I’ve been thinking
I don’t know why I’m sinking
Numbing my emotions on the weekends
I’ve been sinking, slip into the deep end
And you can say you wanna talk, but I don’t wanna talk at all
How we built our world together but you ripped it all apart?
Watch it crash, I watch it fall
Drive my car into the wall
Sick and tired of taking all the blame, I don’t wanna take the fall


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