Rapper, Zlatan Ibile’s Parody Account Scam Exposed!

Somebody is posing as rapper, Ibile of Alleluyah Entertainment on Twitter.

we understands that this isn’t the first time a page like this has been created as parody for celebrities, with the sole motive to scam unsuspecting victims.

According to a fact finding move by a social media user who noticed the scam of the alleged handle, the username of the scammer looks similar to that of the singer, and would only take an individual who pay attention to details to detect.

The alleged scammer goes by the handle @_lbile while that of the singer is @_Ibile.

Now here is the plot, you won’t notice any difference, but the Ibile in the scammer’s username starts with small letter L and not the usual capital letter I of the singer.

How the scam is being carried out…

Since most fans of the Ayiii crooner understand he does a lot of give away on the platform. What this scammer does is to ask them to send N5000 and he would return the favour with N100,000.



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