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Sofia Franklyn Biography: Early Life, Education, Career, Boyfriend, Podcast, Suitman, Age & Net Worth.


Sofia Franklyn Biography: Sofia Franklyn is a well-known media personality from the United States who was born on July 21, 1992. She has also become very well-known as a blogger over the past few years.

Who is Sofia Franklyn?

A well-known online personality named Sofia Franklyn gained notoriety due to her podcasting and blogging activities.

She is still developing her profile in today’s online communities of podcasting and blogging.

She is well-known for the “Call Her Daddy” Barstool Sports podcast.

She has recently created her “Sofia With An F” YouTube channel, which already has over 3,000 subscribers.

Sofia Franklyn Biography: Early Life, Education, Career, Boyfriend, Podcast, Suitman, Age & Net Worth.

Early Life

Actress Sofia Franklyn was born on July 21, 1992, and is now 30 years old. She is a Gemini by birth sign.

She was raised in Salt Lake City, Utah, where she was born. She is of African American origin and is a Christian.

As a media personality, she has not shared many details about her personal life or family history. She hasn’t said anything about her family or siblings either.

Since she was a young girl, Sofia Franklyn has been interested in writing blogs. She started her blogs on the Barstool Sports website.

Personal Life

Many fans of the podcast “Call Her Daddy” wonder who Sofia Franklyn is dating. The celebrity couple has been together for quite some time, with Nelson being an executive at HBO Sports.

The famous pair made an effort, nonetheless, to hide their relationship from the public. She started calling him “Suitman” instead of by his given name to achieve this.


After graduating from high school, Sofia Franklyn enrolled in the University of Utah to study economics.

As a substitute, she earned a bachelor’s degree in the subject. The young woman spent some time working at a financial company after graduating.


After graduating, Sofia Franklyn started working as a consultant for a business. Soon after, she quit her work to focus on her passion. She later moved to New York to start a career as a professional writer.

Sofia Franklyn began her professional life as a blogger and podcaster. She started a blog in the same year in association with Barstool Sports. She started to produce a ton of writing, which quickly went viral online.

Sofia Franklyn started blogging about her travel, sex, and hometown experiences simultaneously. When she created blogs for Barstool Sports, Alexandra Cooper was her dorm roommate. She co-hosts “Call Her Daddy,” a well-known podcast on Franklyn.

Furthermore, Sofia Franklynand Alex finally agreed to a three-year contract with the company; initially, this show was run by the Barstool.

Two of them proposed the concept of sex education during a conversation they had in a bar. Then they decided to turn their chat into a podcast called “Call Her Daddy.”

However, Sofia is not currently hosting this show; Alexandra is only doing it. They parted ways and are no longer featured on the show. She was able to start her podcast series because of her YouTube popularity.

The “Sofia With an F” YouTube channel, started by Sofia Franklyn in December 2020, has more than 3000 subscribers (as of November 2021).

Name: Sofia Franklyn
D.O.B: 21 July 1992 (age [calculate_years datestring=”7/21/1992″] years old)
Place of Birth: Salt Lake City, Utah, United States
Nationality: American
Height: 1.65 m
Siblings: N/A
Husband/Spouse: Not Married
Boyfriend/Partner: Peter Nelson (Suitman)
Occupation: Blogger – Media Personality
Net Worth: US$1.5 million

Media Controversy

Has Sofia FranklynBroken Up with Suitman?

According to rumors, Sofia Franklyn and Suitman are no longer dating. She also disclosed in one of the podcasts that she had been quarantining in Utah with her mother.

Many thought she was splitting up with her lover because they had lived together in New York before. She was also alleged to have said, in jest, that she “only had a rich man’s sons.” Many of her admirers thought it was a dig at Suitman.

Even though the host hasn’t officially announced their breakup, many think they have. On the other side, Sofia Franklyn has remained mute.

Sofia Franklyn’s arrest

Even though this star today enjoys a positive reputation, she once got herself into trouble. There is evidence that Sofia Franklyn, then 20 years old, was detained in Salt Lake County in 2011.

She was detained for drinking alcohol while underage, intoxicated in public, and interfering with the arresting officer. She was eventually allowed to go.

The host is open about her interactions with the police; she even covered it in one of her podcasts. Additionally, a mugshot of her is doing the rounds online.

Social Media


Sofia Franklyn Net Worth

She has acquired a fortune and fame as a result of her work. Sofia Franklyn is worth US$1.5 million. Her source of wealth is believed to be from her Podcast host.


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