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Tom MacDonald – Coronavirus


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Tom MacDonald – Coronavirus Mp3 Download; Tom MacDonald comes through with yet another song titled “Coronavirus”.

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I don’t know what to think about this virus
It started in China, now everybody in America’s hiding
There’s no groceries ’cause people start to panic and buy it
The shelves are empty, the ones with plenty, already stockpiling
Y’all making memes, think it’s funny? Wait a week till the riots
Wait a month till the only way to eat is be violent
It’s not the sickness that’s scary, it’s all the people who’re violent
The government’s lying, they’re tryna keep us calm through the sirens
We know it’s for real, and now all the pharmaceutical giants
Don’t have the cure that they can sell you, so now everyone’s dying
There’s no vaccines and medication made that can fight it
I guess it’s time to pray to God, we can’t rely on the science


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