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VIDEO: Iggy Azalea – Money Come


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Iggy Azalea’s new “Money Come” music video demonstrates that she no longer desires to be ruled by males. The 33-year-old rapper joins forces with other femme fatales to occupy a corporate office and use the male employees as her audience.

They storm into an office and a conference room at the beginning of the Friday (August 25) video. The man at the head of the table transforms into a woman after she fires a laser at him. They shot each of the males gathered around the table one at a time, transforming them all into ladies. They leave the conference room and walk into the main office, which has become chaotic.

The men make an effort to flee, but they meet the same end as the workers in the meeting room. In a later scene of the video, the Australian artist can be seen using a man’s necktie as reins while riding him like a horse. Another scene features the women brandishing dollar bills and hurling them at two males who are engaged in a wrestling match in a muddy kiddie pool. In essence, it was a female takeover of corporate power.

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