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Wanda Hutchins Biography: Early Life, Husband, Kids, Father, Instagram, Photos, Age & Net Worth


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Wanda Hutchins biography: a well-known German-American businesswoman, interior decorator, and founder of Wanda Home Designs, was born on June 6, 1973, also Michael Strahan's First Wife.

Who is Wanda Hutchins?

She is well-known for being one of Michael Strahan's two ex-wives and for having been his wife in the past. She also operates Wanda Home Designs, a business that specializes in refinishing and personalizing furniture and décor. She has a lot of expertise decorating and designing homes.

Tanita Strahan and Michael Strahan Jr. were born to Wanda Hutchins and Michael Strahan during their four-year marriage. Their divorce made news, like that of many other well-known couples, with numerous pieces concentrating on the causes of the break and how it was settled.

We'll discuss both of them in-depth in this essay. Additionally, you'll learn a little bit about Michael Strahan's fame. Let's start with the most crucial Wanda Hutchins facts in the next section.

Wanda Hutchins Biography: Early Life, Husband, Kids, Father, Instagram , Photos, Age & Net Worth.

Wanda Hutchins Early Life & Education

Wanda Hutchins, Renate Hutchins' daughter, was born on June 6, 1973. Germany was the place of her birth. She was born with the Cancer horoscope. Although realistic, independent, and self-reliant, cancer women can also be obstinate, impatient, and slow to act.

Polish surname Wanda Hutchins translates to “Vandal tribe.” It indicates that the name Wends was taken from a tribal name. This is one of the most destructive Slavonic tribes. She has always enjoyed drawing, which helps to explain her career decision.

She is imaginative and has always enjoyed drawing since she was a young girl. Wanda Hutchins attended her high school until the end of her studies in 1991. She then attended college and earned degrees in interior design and architecture.

Wanda Hutchins Personal Life

Wanda Hutchins wed Michael Strahan in 1992. It all started when they were in college. After a long-distance relationship, they were married. Even though her wedding in Germany is regarded as one of the most stunning weddings ever, things didn't work out.

After four years, they decided it would be best to get a divorce because their marriage had soured. After four years of marriage and a contentious divorce, they all ended their relationship in 1996. Later that year, in 1999, Michael Strahan wed a second woman he had met at a gym.

The player got engaged a second time!

Wanda Hutchins remained because she preferred to take care of her kids to start another relationship. Few people are aware that Nicole Mitchell's ex-boyfriend was Michael Strahan. She and her kids are currently live in Houston, Texas.

After five years of marriage in 2004, they had twin daughters, Isabella and Sophia Strahan. In contrast, Wanda Hutchins remained unmarried after the divorce.

They both had children, which was wonderful. Michael Strahan Jr., a boy, and Tanita Strahan, a daughter, are their two children.

Wanda Hutchins Career

Renate Hutchins is the CEO of Wanda Home Designs and a licensed interior designer, as was mentioned in the introduction. Her business specializes in both creating brand-new home furnishings and decor and recycling used ones. She is also active in a number of other businesses.

She served as Strahan Global Outreach's vice president and executive director. Throughout her marriage to Michael Strahan, this non-profit organization has given families the best customer support, furniture, appliances, and other tangible supplies.

Wanda Hutchins left the company after their divorce and concentrated on her businesses.

Net Worth

The estimated net worth of Wanda Hutchins is $2 million USD. Most of her money comes from her divorce settlement, although we don't have any confirmation of that.

She also earns a good living from her enterprises, which explains why she hasn't been in the news much since divorcing her first husband.

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